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Amsterdam, week 7 and 6 days and some hours

Here I am, already 2 months come and gone in a blink of an eye. It seems like yesterday that I was arriv... no, it is not true at all! It's 2 months, I feel it, days have come, passed slowly, and gone. Thoughts, fears, happiness and all of the human feelings have been provided plenty in these weeks. I enjoyed a lot of things, some others have been annoying and some times I have been bored to death. But, hey! That's life in every place of the world!
Today I made a new step in my living here in Amsterdam: I finally registered in the administration. That's a thing that took me 3 weeks to do in Spain, 11 months in France (but to some extent for my own fault) and 5 minutes here in Amsterdam. Well, technically 2 months, but I made an appointment on last Wednesday, I went this morning at 10 and at 10:05 I was already out and near to ask the secretary out too!
So, new steps... new job on the horizon, which will start with the new year, and in two months new apartment. Everything …

Pacific Rim

Yesterday evening I had nothing to do. Saturday night? Nothing to do on Saturday night?!? Well... let's clarify: I had nothing to do until 10:30, so I thought I would enjoy a movie.
I turn off the lights (it was already 7 pm or later, here in the Netherlands it's dark outside and I live in a suburbs neighbourhood so not so many lights outside either), turn up the volume and sat on my "couch".
The movie began and I was taken for 2 hours in a world in which giant monsters walks in the ocean to destroy us and giant robots fights them. They tried to fight them with conventional weapons but it was too difficult. Let's start from the beginning. I grew up not watching at Japanese animation series, I grew up not reading manga or other comics than Topolino (look for it, not Italian people, it's Mickey Mouse!) but always wanted to. I could enjoy only some, like Macross (Robotech), Captain Harlock, Mazinga, but never too continuously. Just some episodes now and then...…

Long due: Romeo & Juliet

I always loved DireStraits... and this song has been for so many years my favourite song. And I today discovered that still is. Just listen to the drums... and look at this video!

 And... if you don't think is simply amazing... here is a second version that I love too!

The use of Community in real life

Communities, Forums, FAQs... are a common thing in this internet era. If you are clever, any time you've got a problem with your pc or something related you just look on the web and you'll find somewhere a solution. Who hasn't googled something like: "... is not working!".

Somewhere, some place, there is the answer for you.

And then, in real life, we tend to forget it. We have got a problem that we cannot resolve and we are stuck. What we do? We check on the internet, again. Sometimes there is an answer, sometimes not.
Well... we forget that there is a real Community out there that can have the solution. Well, maybe not "we"... but "I" did forgot that there is a community out there. It's made by our family, our friends, the people that we know.

I had a problem with my registration here in Amsterdam, I needed a document that my landlord will not give me. And I needed it quite quick, or something else. But I asked a friend and neither him cou…

KDE and purging MySQL (why not to do it...)

So, more or less once every two years I simply decide that my life is not complicated enough and that it's time to mess with my laptop again. Once I formatted my "Home" partition (don't ask why... why do you want to know why?!?), once I decided that it was time to try some new graphic drivers (nice to have the OS boot to a black screen). Then I spend the next night/day fixing, reinstalling everything.
This time I was to install a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on my machine... but I forgot I already installed it. And I decided that I wanted MariaDB instead of MySQL, so I tried to install it, but failed, tried to understand why, failed again (Juventus match was on... I had NO time to read the messages!), so decided to purge MySQL, but forgot that... well... it's a database that KDE uses... sometimes... like... everywhere?!? (More or less)
I wrote "sudo apt-get purge mysql*" and hit Enter (yes... I did this... I really did this... I cannot believe myse…

What I am up to in my free time

"... prendo una pecora, le metto un cappuccio e..." (cit. by myself)
So, what I am doing in my free time? I am playing football a lot, and that's a great thing. Normally 5 vs 5, 6 vs 6 or 7 vs 7, indoor or outdoor. My knees aches, my back too, but generally I am feeling better. I play more or less 2/3 times a week and I hope in another month I'll reach my top...
Then, I am watching M.A.S.H., the series from the 70ies about a Hospital Unit in the Korean War. I loved Trapper, but I prefer Hunnicutt. But The best was Colonel Henry Blake and they shouldn't have made him [SPOILER, BIG SPOILER] ... ... ... die. Hawkeye is ok, but in the late seasons they decided that having adventures with all the nurses (married or not) was not a good thing and his character lost interest.
Then, Indiana Jones movies... I decided to watch them all again (the truth is that I would like to watch all the movies of Harrison Ford... a great actor). Yes, even the last one (ugh... I've s…

Amsterdam, week 7 + 2 days (maybe): against strong winds

So, here I am again.
Life is getting better. I am playing a lot of football and my body responds well. In the streets the lights of Christmas have arrived, and they look strangely really nice to me. Probably because they are not too much! And the view of the canals is simply amazing at night, with the calm water and the lights reflecting on them.
I've had a great experience (metaphysical, I would say) a few days ago. I had been the whole day at home and at 5 I decided to went outside for a ride. So I rode to Vondelpark, it was dark, everybody was biking around in the streets of the park, which are badly illuminated. It has been as riding straight into Laurelindórenan, if you know what I mean. There were the lights through the trees, the lights reflecting on the waters, and the cold all around, but biking was warming me up. Well... I tried to catch it on camera (I uploaded 2 videos on youtube) but... nothing... not the same (strange, eh?!?).
Then today is windy... really windy. I …

How not to be scared of getting older

Wednesday I was biking back home at night (well, it was dark indeed, but calling 6 pm night it seems a bit strange for me) and my knees were aching, my back too and I felt incredibly old, with no hope for the future. As a reminder, I am 38 years old and in a fair good shape. The problem is that I felt already on the edge of "oldhood", my best years as an athlete are gone (and I've never been a professional one, so what do I care anyway?), I am approaching the 40ties threshold that is a big mountain to climb mentally and I felt also with no future. 2 years to the 40ties, only 12 to the 50ties (where really life ENDS!). So, it was a shitty ride home.
Then I started to think (a thing I usually do, when there are no other input to bog my mind).
Yeah, 2 years to the 40ties... but I am still in a good shape! And there are more then 600 days in front of me in which I could improve myself, I could enjoy life, meet new people, have new experiences! 600 days, it's an enormous …

A biking Saturday

Today I found myself with nothing to do, I woke up relatively early for a Saturday, around 11 am, and decided that I want to see the sea.

Nothing easier! I live in Amsterdam, if you have a look at a map you'll see that Amsterdam it's just next to the sea! So... I opened google maps, set "Directions" and pointed at Ijmuderslag 55... just 30 km from my house! It's not that much! I took a banana, some kitkats and a bottle of water and there I go, with my faithful bike. I just say one thing: it's been LOOOONG!!
I am not used to 4 hours on a bike... but it's ok, I survived and get back home! And it's been quite nice. Even if coming back, the last kilometres were quite cold.
So: there and back again!

38... and counting

This is not a post about my birthday, that is far away from today.
It is a post about taking a shower in the morning, do a movement with your back and feeling that even if 38 it is not a bad age, if you've done nothing at all in the past 2 years something will happen. It just hurt bad. I have still some mobility, but my back is really stiff and aching. Ah! This is because in the last week I played football for a total amount of 4 hours... and I'm no more used to it. But I enjoyed! And I'll keep doing it, I hope at least twice a week and a jogging session in between. And I'll be back to shape (not the spherical one I was into last month!) in no time.
I still got some skills, still got some speed. I will get back all of them! This is a promise to my future self!

Amsterdam: week 3 + 3 - WHAT THE F**K!

It's freaking cold here in Amsterdam! ... also because I'm going around with no clothes, but that's just a period of my life...
Today I'll go playing football, outside! Inside is for pussies!
But the real news is that this f**king bastards tried to steal my wonderful bike! And it's ok... who wouldn't try stealing such a beauty?? But the real thing is... they tried to steal it just at my house!! Yeah!! It was locked and parked 3 meters from the main door! This cretins! How dare they...
Well, it is safe, for now, but I should start making me seeing more around in the neighbourhood with the bike, so that they'll know it's mine... what a shock!

Leaving Amsterdam

I'm leaving Amsterdam.

Already? No, not for good! I've just came back to Italy for the week end and I have been living Amsterdam. Home to airport took me 20 minutes. 5 to walk from home to the next train station (I am lucky, I live just next to a train station with trains that lead to Schiphol... what can I do?!?). 10 minutes to wait for the train and 7 minutes to get to Schiphol.
The ticket machine outside the station didn't work... the one inside did, so I took the ticket at the station. It cost me 2,70 euro.
At the airport the notable thing was that they gave me a full body scan, with that machine that we saw on the news for some time and that are invading our privacy. Well, the precess is not invading because you just stand there with your arms raised, but thinking that the are seeing everything they want... a bit scaring it is!

Than I flew to Milan and arrived at Malpensa. I will not talk about the wonderful Maplensa Terminal 2 Airport. I just concentrate on the transpor…

Happy Movember, everybody!


MVP of sorts...

The first week of NBA has come and go.
More or less all of the expectations have been confirmed... wait... have they?

Miami is 4-2, Indiana 6-0, San Antonio 5-1, Clippers 3-3, Lakers 3-4, Boston 2-4. So, not that much of expectations confirmed. Miami is 4-2?!? How the hell it is possible? They are healthy, they are the Champions (twice) and they already lost twice?
But everybody knows that they will be on top coming spring.
And the Lakers are 3-4, without Bryant, without a decent back-court, without a big name player but Gasol. Nash is simply too old, I am so sorry about this, because a just slightly younger Nash would have been destroying in LA.

So, the season has begun and, as it is completely normal, some teams are struggling, some are thriving.

Then I come by the MVP Ladder last night and saw that, as usual, LeBron was number 1. Number 2 was Durant... And Kevin Love was number 5. Kevin Love, with 26 points per game, 15 rebounds and 4 assists. Number 5. With TWENTY-SIX points per g…

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride MY bike!

Here it is my little one... bought today and already enjoyed riding on it! It's a bit high, but the truth is that I'm a little short!
Nothing more divide me from Happiness in Amsterdam!!

Amsterdam: 2 weeks + 1 day - Biking!

Just a quick update: today (monday, yesterday for you that read) I made my first bike riding in Amsterdam!! And it was raining!! YEAAH!!!

Well, it was not so much raining, it has been really nice. It took me a lot less time to get where I should get... and come back!
Life is starting to get on...

Amsterdam: week 1 + 3 days

Slowly things are getting better.
I've got a place to live in, I've got some people that I start to know, I've got a route that I run to getting back into shape. I've got 2 favourite bars for breakfast and café, one on the east side and one on the west side of town (well... calling Amsterdam a town it's not right, but the feeling that I've got since the first time I came here is that it is a city, but with the spirit of a town... I cannot explain it in a different way, but it is a good thing!). And the favourite bar in which take a beer.
And in 1 or 2 weeks maximum I will also have a bike! Am I not a perfect Dutch?!? No, not yet. I have to learn at least how to say "Hello" and "Goodbye" in Dutch!
But it will come, with time and practice it will come.

Ten thousand views and some finger pointing

HEEEEE!!! After a lot of years this blog reached the 10 000 views! It is a small number for a serious blog, but being me... I am happy! I noticed that if I "advertise" the posts in FB they get up to three/four times more views than if not... but I have decided to stop doing that for the more personal posts. If somebody wants to know something about my life, should come here directly! I, on the other hand, decided to keep advertise more neutral posts (AAHH!!! I cannot lose all of the views!!).
Then... some finger pointing:

Isn't this man the best?
I watched two movies in these last days: Cowboys & Aliens and The Fugitive. Boy how good is he in both of them!

About The Fugitive there is not a lot to say, but I was surprised from Cowboys & Aliens... the movie is pretty good! It could be better, of course. But it is pretty good.
The could have used less aliens, for example. There are really too much of them to be a party scouting! And then... how come that the aliens…

Amsterdam: day 3.5

So, I've got a room... a little ugly room in a little ugly neighbourhood in west Amsterdam. It's little, it's ugly, but it's ok for now. I'll be there for 2 months maximum... and if I'm lucky less (and not only lucky... also a little bastard, but I'm just beginning...). I've got some friends too... well, one is a old friend, the others maybe will be, just met them, don't rush me!
Now I'm going on with the other points: 1. buy a bike 2. find a nice job 3. make a living in this nice city 4. something else...
I'm due to meet a friend of a friend, so I've got no time to tell more, sorry.
ps: yes, it was DireStraits... as a prize you can have one of the most famous things that Amsterdam can provide: prostitutes, grass or cheese. It's up to you to choose!

Amsterdam: day 1

Well, here I am in this mean old town.
A price is provided for who will tell me from where I took this verse.
I am in Amsterdam, drinking belgique beer and enjoying the evening. I've arrived tonight, after a quick flight from Milan in which I've been the babysitter for a young girl from Morocco who was flying to Amsterdam to meet her to be husband (true story, I cross my heart!). Then a taxi driver who could not understand numbers left me at the wrong end of one of Amsterdam's longest street, and then the B&B I booked gave me: 1. a room with no light in it; 2. a bathroom (shared) with no light in it; 3. the wrong room.
Following this I met a nice waitress (Annamaria) who has been my welcome to Amsterdam. And then one of the apartments I was to visit tomorrow is discovered to be in "tanta di mona" as the venetians says (it means far far away...).
Now I am finishing my second beer and going back to my new room, with light (and the bathroom too)...
Good night!

Ticket to ride

I've got it!

Finally I've got my ticket to Amsterdam. And I prepared carefully and with some time! I'll be there next Monday, so, being now 1 am on Sunday makes it: tomorrow!!

I still haven't got a job, haven't got an home... haven't book an hostel to stay for the first nights. But I've done worst things than these before, for example fall in love!

Amsterdam is a nice city... we will see if it gets in the way of my having a bad life as until now.

A month has come and gone (+1)

What a month can hold? 30, 31 days and that's all.
In a month there are days of joy and days of despair. Sun, rain, clouds, cold and warmth.
I moved the chain from my wrist to the neck, and it's funny because now the absence of it is so similar to another thing I miss. And then I found it around my neck and the ring so close to the heart and still it remind me of some other thing...
Sometimes it is not easy for a month to pass. Day after day crawls on your back and on your thoughts, scaring away little memories and throwing down huge passions. There is a thing that you do right and ten errors that hunt you back.
Maybe it could be a nice way to understand ourselves to just put every day one next to the other at the end of a month and look back at them and the things we've done to understand why, what, where and who.

A month has passed and still there is the same sadness, confusion and sense of absence that there were a month ago.

Time heal any wound. Other months will come …

A new beginning (... again?!?)

In the last few years I've left this blog a bit abandoned. Life, new challenges, a little bit of stupidity brought me to lose interest in this little creature of mine, and also in some of my hobbies like writing, thinking, living... Well, well, well... maybe putting things in this way is going a bit too far. But it is true that I wrote less and less and spent time not writing at all. One of the reason was less time to spend around. A bit has been not wanting to show the world information too personal, being this blog really personal. So I tried to talk about politics, techs, sport. But I spent less and less time on it and I am now changing this. I'll try to write again, personal stuff and all. And not be ashamed of being what I am.
So, be prepared, because I've got time, I've got the strength, I've got the will!

... sorry!

The sound of...

There are a lot of things that I love to hear. Yesterday night I was watching Princess Mononoke (watch it, wherever and whenever you are!) and the sound of the Kodama turning their heads it's amazing. It's similar to the sound that pebbles do when they hit each other when you are under water. And the sound of the rain when it falls steady and strong, like a "shhhhhhh"... can wash away all the bad feelings, leaving only a thin peel of sadness, that's quite nice to have in those moments. The wind blows through the branches of trees, moving the leaves in a soft and sweet way... that's another great sound! A sound that I so missed in Fuerteventura and when I'm living in big cities with too few trees! It can move my heart, that sound, and make me think about love and happiness. I learned to hear it back in my youth, up in the mountains when I used to climb on trees and stay there, in the middle of the green leaves and think... think... think. And then, there&…

Ch-ch-ch... CHANGE!

As you probably could see at the same time you read these lines I changed the layout of my posts. Gone is the three-places division for English, Spanish and Italian (in no order). I feel no more the needs to keep it. I created it to practice with the languages, but now... I'll try to write in English. And then let the automated translation help the people who need it.
So, enjoy the bigger fonts and the better clarity!

Balooney again... again

Life has a good aim, I think that everybody would agree with me on that. When it hits it hits in the right spots. If you are lucky these spots hurts only a bit, or maybe they hurt a lot, but not all of them.


Again life hit me where it hurts the most and in the nick of time.
Pride, trust, love. Name something I care. It didn't miss.

So here I am again, walking around in wonderful places. I've just been in Venice, wonderful and magic Venice. I've walked in place I've never seen, I've been around on a boat in its channels and I've never been on a boat, a private boat, around the channels of Venice. I can tell you that it is something amazing and unbelievable. And then I've (well, me and the friends that were with me) wandered in places that are just magical, as the whole Venice is, but as usual something different than the Venice everybody knows.

And then I've been in Parma, visiting friends and living their lives for some time. And it is really …

Last years: a balance. Body! (Part 1)

As this story of relocating to the East, the far East, is slowly fading away, I started to think about my life.
I am a 38 years old man from Italy, who at 30 changed his life, moved to a foreign country, Greece, and started a new life. After 7 years as a software developer I entered the fascinating world of tourism.
And now, 8 years later, where am I?
What have I become? Did I changed a lot? I became somebody else?

To answer that questions I should try to understand what I am now and remember how I was then.

Now I am a man approaching the forties with a wrecked body and a still young appearance. The soul is somehow high the 35% of the time, my imagination has faded a lot, my intelligence... where never there to help too much.

I'm becoming more spherical, in a lot of ways, not the last the physical way and this is bothering me a lot. I'm trying to revert this changing, but my body is not helping me. All of the battles I had (and most of them lost) in sports are now coming back to mak…

How the Hell I ended up NOT going to Kuala Lumpur

Yes, after my final words one week ago, I decided to have some new final words and remain in Paris. Why?!? But because Paris is the Metropolis of LOVE, that's why!
Don't you believe me?
You are right...

After I decided to go, some things happened and I decided not to go.
One of the things is that well, they didn't really want me that much.
 The second thing end most important, is that I didn't want to go that much either.
Yeah, it was a great experience, great jump in career advancement, big everything but... was those things the things that I wanted?

I sat down and started to think and discovered that, as in the past 30 years of my life, I didn't needed more money, more power, more career advancement (it is that a thing?!?). In the last months in Paris I found myself thinking about a house in the mountains, woods nearby and nice walks in the mountains by some mountain stream, or a house nearby the sea, with woods nearby and some nice walks by the sea.

I didn't think a…

How to hell I ended up going to Kuala Lumpur

So, some explications are needed.
I've moved to Paris in November 2012 to be nearer to civilization and parents and friends.
After some struggling looking for a job I ended up working as a receptionist in a fine and nice 4 stars hotel in centre Paris.
It was not ideal but it was not bad at all. Not too much work to be done and fairly paid, and the colleagues are nice too.
I started working there in February and since then stopped looking for a job. The idea was to settle down a bit and then looking for a better position: assistant front office manager or front office manager in some bigger hotel.
And then come Wednesday June the 26th. An email was sent to one of my one thousand address and I answered. They said they found my CV on a french site on which I looked for jobs in the past winter and if I was interested in such an experience as working as Front Office Manager in their hotel. Only problem was that the hotel was located in Kuala Lumpur.
I answered, more or less just to see if it…

Bulls - Heat: 1 - 0

Yesterday night I, as usual, has problems sleeping and so I watched almost all of the game between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. I missed 2/3 minutes in the second quarter and the beginning of the third, until around 6 minutes left (well, lets say half of the third).
I will say in advance that I'm a Lakers fan since my youth, but that I really started watching NBA only with Jordan and his last three years with the Bulls. And also that I think that LeBron James is an incredible player that everybody in the league management wants to succeed.
This said the night was simply incredible. The Bulls played a strong and gritty game, Noah was simply unbelievable with his heart and energy on both ends on the floor and that Butler is a HUGE player. I've read a lot today about this game: the Heat were rusty, they played flat and all of these kind of things. Maybe it is true, but I think that the truth was the Bulls simply played with more earth and brains. Bosh, Wade, LeBron, Bat…

Napolitano Bis e le impressioni di un perdente

Finalmente, dopo giorni drammatici, é stato eletto un nuovo Presidente della Repubblica. È stato eletto alla sesta votazione, con 700 e passa voti. Qualcuno si è lamentato di questa votazione, antidemocratica e golpista (poi, più tardi, semplicemente "golpettista"...). Ma, se non sbaglio, il Presidente della Repubblica, in Italia, deve essere eletto dal Parlamento+Senato+Rappresentanti delle Regioni in plenum e con voto segreto. Quindi da gente eletta dagli italiani, che li eleggono in maniera democratica. Quindi dove è la mancanza di democrazia in questo? Poi, il buon vecchio Napolitano ha preso più di 700 voti quando il quorum era di 504, non male, una vittoria schiacciante! Ma non solo, un numero di voti che sarebbe stato sufficiente anche nelle prime votazioni, quando invece che il 50% sono necessari i 2/3 dei voti, che sarebbero stati 668. Quindi vittoria schiacciante! Solo 337 non hanno votato per Napolitano. Tutto il PdL e tutto il M5S? Mah... forse. Comunque è stato…

Le idee di Grillo e a cosa serve togliere il finanziamento ai partiti

Questo è un post che volevo fare già da qualche tempo e credo che oramai sia tardi, ma lo scrivo lo stesso. Il buon Grillo e tutto il cucuzzaro di suoi seguaci e non ci hanno inondato di richieste (ci a noi attento Popolo Italiano) di togliere il finanziamento ai partiti. Per qualche settimana è stata la cosa più importante di cui si potesse discutere. Chissenefrega se le industrie non funzionano, se i giovani non hanno lavoro: per risolvere tutti i problemi italiani la soluzione era togliere il finanziamento pubblico ai partiti.
Io non sono d'accordo per 2 ragioni. La prima è che non voglio un sistema americano dove in politica ci entra solo chi ha i soldi o solo chi ha qualcuno dietro che i soldi glieli dà. E non voglio nemmeno che siano solo Grillo e Berlusconi a poter fare politica in Italia (li ho presi a esempio, uno è un miliardario, l'altro lo sta diventando...). Il finanziamento pubblico ai partiti dà, in linea di principio, la possibilità a gente "normale"…

Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition - Linux laptop

So, it's been around 5 days that I've finally got my lifetime's desired Linux laptop. I've been torn for months between ZaReason ultrabook and the Dell XPS 13. The truth is that I'd loved to have the ZaReason one for two reasons:
- to help a small manufacturer
- for the double hard drive, one SDD and one "spinning", giving to opportunity to have high speed of the OS and high capability.

But they would not deliver outside US and so... I've started following the Sputnik Project and... same problem! They would not deliver outside the US!!

But... one lucky day... Barton's blog! And in two days I bought the laptop online! YEAH!!!

When it arrived? Five days... after... the... day... I... bought... it!! YEAHHH!!!!

So, now it's about 2 weeks that I've got it and it's... GREAT!

The screen is simply gorgeous, it's 1980x1080, clear and luminous at every angle, the keyboard is lit at three different steps (lit, half and off), the keys are spaced bet…

Last from Paris... SNOW!

Square Louis XVI
La Madeleine
Not so far from Moulin Rouge

A dream come through: XPS 13 Developer Edition

Today, 8th of March 2013, a dream finally has come to it's conclusion: I've bought a pc with Linux pre-installed on it!

What's happened?

A week ago, last Friday, after DELL made available the Developer Edition in Europe and after a lot of thinking in which country to buy it (Spain to obtain the spanish keyboard? Italy that it's easy to have it sent here? France and have it delivered directly at home?) I finally decided to buy it on the French site: why? It was costing almost 200 € less than in the other sites (the recession?!?) and even if I really don't like the french keyboard layout it was the easiest thing to do (and cheaper!).

It was due to arrive on the 15th, that's what the confirmation email said to me... and I was sad! On the site there were 3 days shipping and they was telling me it will arrive in 2 weeks!?! But I didn't mind... I was finally waiting for my Linux laptop!!

And today  I was taking a nap, and the bell rang. It's 18:00 and I'm not…

Elezioni 2013: e adesso siamo a una settimana di...

... merda, la risposta è merda.
Le elezioni sono passate e già si parla d'altro (ancora?!? Ma cos'è, ti piace ripeterti?!?)...
Ma vediamo cos'è successo in questa settimana (effettivamente 8 giorni) da quando queste "rivoluzionarie" elezioni 2013 sono finite.
Grillo: "mai un governo con il Centro-Sinistra! Mai un governo! Che il Centro-Sinistra e il Centro-Destra formino un "governissimo" e noi voteremo legge per legge (see, ti piacerebbe, eh? Così in un anno si torna alle elezioni e vinci il 50%! Che, effettivamente, qualcuno del suo movimento l'ha detto, questo! Ma del paese che oggi, adesso, non tra un anno, è già nella merda ve ne frega niente?)! Voteremo legge per legge!" Avendo detto e fatto tutto ciò, finalmente ieri si sono riuniti a Roma tutti gli eletti di questo partito democratico con i loro due capi (!). E non hanno permesso ai giornalisti di partecipare (vabbè, non è così grave, si possono fare riunioni a porte chiuse, ma alm…

Del perché Grillo non mi convince

Le elezioni sono passate da una settimana, quasi (fantastica frase di apertura...). E ancora non mi sono andate giù. Su Facebook già si parla d'altro, tranne qualcuno che ancora posta cose divertenti e simpatiche, battute su questo o quel politico. Sul sito di Repubblica il risultato delle elezioni è già passato in secondo piano, scacciato prima dalle dimissioni del Papa, poi dal solito, fantastico mondo di Berlusconi che di quando in quando appare anche nella realtà del popolo italiano e non solo in tutto il resto del mondo. E, soprattutto, ora la cosa importante è capire che fare con i risultati di queste elezioni.
Io sto ancora cercando di capire il risultato. E sto cominciando a farlo.
La gente è delusa, i politici hanno tradito gli italiani e gli unici da cui gli italiani possono essere salvati sono altri sconosciuti italiani, che per il bene del paese e per la rabbia accumulata da anni di politica falsa e corruttrice, hanno deciso di buttarsi in politica. Prima di tutto mi …

Why distrowatch is not a good index of linux distribution

Lately it's faded a bit, but not a long time ago there was a war about which was the Linux distro more used (or on the rise). Every two articles about it, one was mentioning the "Page hit ranking" in as a good indicator (or THE indicator) of it, especially since Ubuntu started to drop a bit, and lately sink.

So Ubuntu was OUT and IN was Mint, the wonderful son, who brought back to life usability and user friendliness that Ubuntu missed when it switched from GNOME 2 to Unity.

For months Ubuntu was falling and people were asking: where will it go?!? What is next for Ubuntu now that it is lost all it's appeal and all it's fans?!?

I never liked that surveys. They well not so accurate (and a lot of people noticed it) and were just a way to gain some popularity. Distrowatch it's a site of information, not a place where people goes to download their new distro!

Today we have finally got the answer: which distro is the more used worlwide?!?

Laptop with Linux... uau!

Finally it has arrived!!

A really cool and high specifics Linux laptop is here, from Dell (strange... wasn't Microsoft helping buying out Dell?!? Well, lets get what we can get!).

It's an Ultrabook, 13", Intel i7, 250 GB of SDD and a really nice screen... it was available only in US and Canada, but now also here in Europe we can enjoy it!

Here are the links for:




Elezioni 2013: Analisi II (oltre i dati)

Ed ecco passati 3 giorni dal fattaccio.
Cosa rimane di queste elezioni? Un'Italia con davanti un cammino difficile, questo è certo.
Abbiamo una camera con maggioranza al Centro-Sinistra, un senato con una divisione abbastanza equa: 123 senatori al Centro-Sinistra, 117 senatori al Centro-Destra, 54 a Grillo e la maggioranza che è di 158 è lì per la coalizione che si allea con Grillo. Monti, nelle due camere, non serve a niente, però è effettivamente diventato il 4º partito nazionale, scavalcando la Lega, che sopravvive in gran parte grazie al risultato lombardo (i lombardi sono abituati, oramai si sa, a farsi governare da disonesti e ladri... evvai...).
Si dice il risultato di Grillo è un chiaro messaggio alla vecchia politica fatta di professionisti dei banchi del governo, vecchi, disonesti, ladri (sembrano governatori lombardi... hehehehe!!), interessati a essere eletti solo per perseguire i propri scopi e la pensione parlamentare. È un calcio in culo alla politica! UAHAHAHAHA!!…

Elezioni 2013: analisi I (i dati)

Ecco finita la giornata di lavoro, passata la disperazione e, speriamo, riacceso il cervello per analizzare il tutto.
Ho preparato una tabella con i risultati del 2008 e i risultati di quest'anno. Eccola: Sono una persona molto curiosa e mi piace capire le cose. Spiego un po' la tabella: ho cercato di unificare eventuali partiti che sono scomparsi con partiti che sono comparsi verosimilmente nella stessa "zona" politica (vedasi L'Arcobaleno-SEL e Fiamma Tricolore-Fratelli d'Italia). Probabilmente è una castroneria, ma in ogni caso i voti sono così pochi che non influisce molto sull'analisi. Ho diviso i dati fra Camera e Senato e preso i risultati del 2008 (fonte wikipedia) e del 2013 (fonte il sito di La Repubblica), la colonna "diff" non è altro che la differenza fra il 2013 e il 2008, mentre "diff%" è la percentuale della variazione fra 2013 e 2008 calcolata sul dato del 2008. I valori di "Tot Italia" non sono altro che la …