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Buachaill on Eirne, or how I fell in love with Ireland again

I was working today, and chatting with a colleague about work, at one point (we did not know each other) I asked her where she was coming from and it turn out it's Ireland.
So, lets remember about old times and... which was that song? I searched my music library for Clannad and... here it is!

But the colleague point me out to another version from Corrs

And I was lost... from there it has been a long afternoon of listening to the same song in so many different shades (this is the list), and then Mo Ghile Mear...

and then  Oro Se do Bheatha 'Bhaile

and so down to Sinead and Tell me Ma

But to this there is no end...So I'll leave you with a good mention:

My long lost passion

I just thought that I have never posted a photo of my beloved motorbike... when I had one. And the sad truth is that I have almost no photos... so sad. But here it is, with a much younger me... and a dead Santa...

Interstellar: what goes and what goesn't... ehm... doesn't go! [part I]

So, I watched the movie, enjoyed it (you should already know, by now, having read this) and I read about it on I 400 Calci (in Italian, but simply wonderful site on movies).

I want to (and will) go to watch it a second time (this time I'll chose a not Imax theatre, a really nice one: The Movie, in AMS), as a lot of things I've lost (thank you damn Texan accent!) and some I've probably already forgot.

But having read about the movie and talked with friends about it, I fell that I want to line down the things that didn't worked so well, weren't so clear or simply... I didn't appreciated much. And also what, on the contrary, was working. All of that... by my own opinion, obviously!

So, from now on is SPOILER ALERT!!

1. We are at some point in the future, not too much... but where the hell all of the mobile phones have gone?
1.1 and what about Google Maps (or any other such service)? Do you really need paper maps to look for NASA? Really? It's '95 again?


Interstellar or... f**k it, Nolan... you got me! Science it's not credible enough, better study MAGIC!

I just got back from watching Interstellar.
No other way to put it. I LOVED it!
Let me be clear: there are bullshits around the whole movie and it's far from a perfect one. But I went out of the theatre and could just think: I just saw the new "2001 - A space Odissey".
Of course I can be wrong... or better... I am sure I am wrong. But I really enjoyed this movie. Again, with all the stupid problems it presents (why, tell me, oh! Why, they cannot build better ways to protect themselves from... dust?!?!? Or why they are still using petrol for cars? And Google Maps!?? Where Google Maps has gone, by God!!).
So, go out there in the wild and watch it! Is a wonderful way to spend 3 hours of your life!
Unless... unless you think that building a fucking Ark that fly through space (and, most importantly, leave the gravitational pit of Earth from the SURFACE) is less probable and believable then rupturing Space-Time continuum!
Yes... It's so strange for me to think about that …

Two words on: buy a new mobile phone (Jolla)

It has happened.
After 3 years and some months, my wonderful, gorgeous, amazing Nokia N9 told me: "I am dying, I am slowly dying... forgive me!"
I will, I will forgive you, my sorrowful friend... but I will never forget you!
After years of buying a new phone every 12 months more or less (HTC Magic, HTC Wildfire, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10), the Nokia N9 was the first smart phone I really enjoyed, appreciated and kept with me for 3 years. With all of its defects (few apps, thanks to Microsoft and its slowly killing of Nokia and quite immediate extermination of Meego, slow processor compared to newer devices, and something more) and its more numerous merits (it's an amazing phone).
But now the time to abandon it and replacing it come quickly... one day it didn't turn up... and it was gone. I could still use its basics functions because I installed Sailfish OS on it almost 6 months ago, but it was clear that I should have reset the Meego installation from scrap... for me…