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Amsterdam: 1 year (plus 1 day)

AMSTERDAAAAM AMSTERDAAAMMM... ce ne andiamo tutti insieme tutti insieme ad Amsterdam!

One year has passed. I will not say that it has been quick. It has been, on the contrary, full of long days and long nights. Not most of them, but a lot of them. It has been a quick change in life that I was not expecting to do, and that I didn't wanted to do. But it has happened. The change, actually, begun some time before, but the 22nd of October has been the start of My Life, part 3.0 (or whatever other number, I changed life so many time that I don't know at which version of myself I am at now). After a month of pure desperation (1 week, actually, than thanks to some amazing friends, things started getting better) I was ready to arrive in a complete new city, with almost no friends (one, just one friend) and no knowledge of the language and the people, ready to start again from the ashes. Ashes of what? Of myself. Again and again. Funny thing, I am really good a that (there is a wonderf…

Two words on: diets

Since I was a kid I have always been thin. But real thin. Then I reached the "teens", the twenties... and kept on being thin. I have been trying to get to 60 kg (I am 1.70 m, with a lot of hope... meaning, I am more 1.68/1.69) because I was playing football (the European kind of it) and I was lighter than a leaf. Finally at 24 (thanks to the military... !!) I reached 61 kg and my life changed for... about 5 months. Then I comeback to training and down again to 58 kg.
To keep it short, at one point, around my 30ies, I reached 62 kg and stayed there, then 63, 64, 65... and in the last 2 years I have been around 67/68 kg. I bit too much, if I have to say, but still. Then last August I've been on holidays for 3 weeks, 3 whole weeks in Italy, 10 days at my parent's, 10 days at a friend's house... a Chef friend's house... and his restaurant.
Again, to keep it short. Last day of holidays, I am at my parent's house and we are eating lunch (you know? Mamma's …

Two words on: buying a new computer

I've got some friends who uses computers... mmm... maybe it's a fair assumption to think that it's all of my friends.
So, when you are in dare need of changing your ageing laptop and you don't want to pay too much (I know some of you are fanboys of Apple... ) you can try this out:
I am not a HUGE fan of Google... I am a fair fan of them. But These are pretty laptop, not expensive, but still powerful enough for your everyday use. And they have Linux installed on them, so extra security, extra speed and extra awesomeness!
I would, of course, prefer you to buy a full Linux laptop from System76 or ZaReason, but I know it's not so easy, so I will be more than happy if you go with a Chromebook (and you will be too). Or maybe you can do as I did and buy a Sputnik!
Remember just one thing, these (the Chromebooks) are not power machines. If you want to play to the last and all incredibly real life like game, better you buy a desktop (and install Linux on it... …