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Life, you fucking bastard!

Today a good friend died. She was a stubborn girl. She would not back away from a decision. She was stubborn and one of the good people on Earth. What I am now, where I've been, I own all of that mostly to her. She chose me to work in her team, with no clear good reason other than she understood I would be good in a thing I've never done. She was, evidently, right.
She would have help you with all of her hearth, she would have been bluntly straight and clear in her words. She was kind and gentle and sweet.
Those have bee so sad news that I'm still stunned. I've got the feeling that it's not right. She left her husband, kids, friends.
She deserved more. She deserved to get old and grumpy.
I was organizing a trip to visit her, because I learned she was sick and wanted to meet her again. But who cares? She should have lived longer and more happily.
Fuck it, Life.