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An amazing bunch of friends

I just got back to Italy, for the first time I'll be working from "home", meaning, this time, my parent's home!
I am quite excited about this opportunity. I want to see how it feel to sit next to my father while he translate and I work. I know, by the way, that luckily it will last only 1 week... because more... hey! It's still my parent's place, I can't stand stay in the same place for so long!
But it's not this I was going to write about. I was on the bus, taking me from the airport to the train station, and I was looking outside, remembering other times I went back on the same bus and some melancholy struck. And when melancholy strikes, you never know where your mind will go!
And mine started thinking about my childhood friends... those that were really friends, not for just a season, but for long years, the same friends that you still think about in rainy nights... and when you meet everything starts right after from it stops when you left. I am a…

Two words on: Ferguson and United States of America - Ferguson (part I)

Here I come, writing my second dangerous post.
So, I tried to slip away from this subject and indeed, in the past months, I've talked about Ferguson only once, in a brief discussion with my father, that lead to nothing.
But the truth is that the situation in Ferguson is not improving, the situation in the USA neither and that a lot of information has been thrown against the viewer and a lot of different opinions have arisen.
I try to stay away from opinions, as somebody may have noticed, when I write or talk officially. I love opinions when I speak and discuss with somebody, as long as it's agreed that they are opinions (personal or common).
Anyway, in the case of Ferguson what struck me is not the opinions, but the simplest facts.
Here they are: a 18 years old man has been killed on the 9th of Augustthe man was shot 6 times by a police officerthe man was unarmedthe shooting occurred at mid-day, on a open streetthe police officer was on patrol alone I know that there are a lot…