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Holidays report... 'cause I'm sadly back!

Ebbene tutto finisce, pure le cose belle (a volte SOPRATTUTTO le cose belle...).
Ma non siamo qua per lamentarci, solo per riepilogare cosa diavolo è successo nelle ultime 3 settimane.

In principio fu la Francia: Nantes, per la precisione. Finalmente visitiamo la terra dei padri della mia dolce metá.
Da li si va a Carnac, Vannes, piccoli paesi in Bretagna e poi in Normandia, a visitare le nonne.
A Carnac visitiamo gli allineamenti megalitici e mi sento mega. Son millenni che amo quelle pietre e mai le avevo viste: viste! E fotografate (aggiungerò foto, no problem).

Normandie & Bretagne

Poi si parte per il paese basco, pieno di baschi. Andiamo a San Sebastian a visitare amici. Lungo viaggio in treno (un treno umano, mica italiano...) e giro della città per spiluccare cibo e bevute (Txacoli il vino, molto buono, e tapas buonissime). Il giorno dopo visitiamo la città e poi una sera visiteremo una Sidreria... e scopriremo il Paradiso! Mangiamo e beviamo benissimo (ovviamente si beve s…


At last holidays come.
Right now I am in Paris (airport, just passing by...) on my way to Nantes, then we'll go to San Sebastian and in a matter of 2 weeks to Italy and then back again.I started this holiday in a hurry, and stressed, and absent minded. And sleeping a lot on airplanes. But I hope I will rest a bit too in these weeks. I need some rest. Being the Chief of the World is stressing me a bit. I don't like being the ace, I prefer to fly below the radar.Weeeell, now some France will help me forget (by the way, I really have to send and email to my collegues!) and enjoy...The cats byte my earphones... I am half listening to Ben...

Lost cat for 15 minutes

After a long day of work (not true, I worked 7h57minutes today...) I arrived at home. Opened the door and, unusually, the male cat came to cheer me. I "talked" a bit, smiled to me and head for the food (really cat like). The fact is that this morning I forgot to fill the cup... and so I head to the balcony, took the food box and filled the two cups (we have 2 cats and one is more bastard then the other when it comes to eat... as all cats!)... and the female cat (the little one) didn't show up.
Mmmhh... I started to think, really strange... I started to look around, first room, second room, bathroom: nothing. Second round, first room, below the bed, inside the wardrobe, outside the window, second room, below the bed, inside the wardrobe, bathroom, inside the bathtub, kitchen, living, balcony... nothing.
I started to be worried. I left this morning at 9 and came back at 5 pm... 8 hours, everything could have happened!
I looked down from the balcony, three storey down there is…