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Last years: a balance. Body! (Part 1)

As this story of relocating to the East, the far East, is slowly fading away, I started to think about my life.
I am a 38 years old man from Italy, who at 30 changed his life, moved to a foreign country, Greece, and started a new life. After 7 years as a software developer I entered the fascinating world of tourism.
And now, 8 years later, where am I?
What have I become? Did I changed a lot? I became somebody else?

To answer that questions I should try to understand what I am now and remember how I was then.

Now I am a man approaching the forties with a wrecked body and a still young appearance. The soul is somehow high the 35% of the time, my imagination has faded a lot, my intelligence... where never there to help too much.

I'm becoming more spherical, in a lot of ways, not the last the physical way and this is bothering me a lot. I'm trying to revert this changing, but my body is not helping me. All of the battles I had (and most of them lost) in sports are now coming back to mak…

How the Hell I ended up NOT going to Kuala Lumpur

Yes, after my final words one week ago, I decided to have some new final words and remain in Paris. Why?!? But because Paris is the Metropolis of LOVE, that's why!
Don't you believe me?
You are right...

After I decided to go, some things happened and I decided not to go.
One of the things is that well, they didn't really want me that much.
 The second thing end most important, is that I didn't want to go that much either.
Yeah, it was a great experience, great jump in career advancement, big everything but... was those things the things that I wanted?

I sat down and started to think and discovered that, as in the past 30 years of my life, I didn't needed more money, more power, more career advancement (it is that a thing?!?). In the last months in Paris I found myself thinking about a house in the mountains, woods nearby and nice walks in the mountains by some mountain stream, or a house nearby the sea, with woods nearby and some nice walks by the sea.

I didn't think a…

How to hell I ended up going to Kuala Lumpur

So, some explications are needed.
I've moved to Paris in November 2012 to be nearer to civilization and parents and friends.
After some struggling looking for a job I ended up working as a receptionist in a fine and nice 4 stars hotel in centre Paris.
It was not ideal but it was not bad at all. Not too much work to be done and fairly paid, and the colleagues are nice too.
I started working there in February and since then stopped looking for a job. The idea was to settle down a bit and then looking for a better position: assistant front office manager or front office manager in some bigger hotel.
And then come Wednesday June the 26th. An email was sent to one of my one thousand address and I answered. They said they found my CV on a french site on which I looked for jobs in the past winter and if I was interested in such an experience as working as Front Office Manager in their hotel. Only problem was that the hotel was located in Kuala Lumpur.
I answered, more or less just to see if it…