How the Hell I ended up NOT going to Kuala Lumpur

Yes, after my final words one week ago, I decided to have some new final words and remain in Paris. Why?!? But because Paris is the Metropolis of LOVE, that's why!
Don't you believe me?
You are right...

After I decided to go, some things happened and I decided not to go.
One of the things is that well, they didn't really want me that much.
 The second thing end most important, is that I didn't want to go that much either.
Yeah, it was a great experience, great jump in career advancement, big everything but... was those things the things that I wanted?

I sat down and started to think and discovered that, as in the past 30 years of my life, I didn't needed more money, more power, more career advancement (it is that a thing?!?). In the last months in Paris I found myself thinking about a house in the mountains, woods nearby and nice walks in the mountains by some mountain stream, or a house nearby the sea, with woods nearby and some nice walks by the sea.

I didn't think about another metropolis with smog and traffic, even if it is a beautiful and interesting one as Kuala Lumpur.

So I'm staying here, until the next dream will come over...


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