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Starting over... again???

On a regular basis I think that I'm wasting my time... not in drugs, not in women, not in alcohol (well... ehm... on this late point, maybe sometimes yes... but just borderline... like 2 beers in an evening at home!)... but just wasting it not doing anything... sensible? Apart, maybe, in playing Sensible Soccer in it's days, I mean.
Blogging has been for some time one of the sensible things I was doing that kept my spirits high, and on a regular basis I tried to restart it... but it's difficult... writing on a mobile is not practical, and writing on my laptops was a secondary thoughts (the first being playing any kind of game... damn STEAM!!!)... and writing at work, like I had been doing a lot at the beginning (like, in 2005???) is not a thing I would like to do. Also and possibly because I kind of like my job now, that I didn't back then) and because the job is taking up almost all of my... job time (imagine that!!).
But recently, having to update my laptop, for a c…