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Jurassic World: good entertainment, bad movie

I never watched the Jurassic movies. Maybe some scene here and there. But not one complete movie. Or at least I don't remember it.
But after the best pizza in Amsterdam (Fuoco Vivo) we decided that it a good idea as was the second part of the night: Jurassic World!!
First a minute to curse the 3D. Hate it. I watched the movie, didn't think it was so spectacular, watch the trailer the next day and discovered that on my laptop's screen I was seeing colors that I just imagined during the vision at the cinema! Bad, bad 3D!
Than the movie. SPOILERS START! ---------------------------------\
1. high heels in the jungle is not a good idea 2. a company with as chain of command 2 persons... maybe not a great company 3. road bike in the middle of the forest and you never slide or fall? 4. the most dangerous dinosaurs ever, you finally have got it in front of you and you don't shoot immediately? 5. when finally you shoot with whatever you have, including machine guns and a bazook…