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No, not the famous island in the Pacific Ocean that was the theatre of a pivotal battle during World War II.
Simply midway, from here to there. From now and then.
First week of holidays almost gone, spent in Singapore, eating, walking, walking, eating. The highlight of everything is been... well... FOOD. Singapore is a beautiful city, full of cultural mix-ups, skyscrapers next to colonial architecture. Tropical forest next to AC freezing malls. And food. Food... food. Want to eat chinese? You welcome. Fancy japanese? Not that difficult to find. Thai? Philippino's? Everywhere, food everywhere.
But I've been shy. I've eating "oriental" only at lunch and dinner; breakfast has been way too occidental. I have shamed myself. And eaten at Starbucks... at least too many times. But one day... when I had a continental breakfast in an australian bar.
Yes... well... I'll try to improve. In the meanwhile I've already "improved" my weight.