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Flight over Europe

Left Fuerteventura with three hours delay, lost a flight in Dublin. Booked a new one, but they never confirmed it. Left Dublin with 12 hours delay and landed in Stockholm just in time to take a train for not loosing a bus. Spent hours and euros. But at the end I'm finally here... In the wrong place?Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.5

In un paese qualunque

In un paese normale, un qualsiasi paese del mondo occidentale, Berlusconi oggi, 22 novembre 2010, sarebbe in carcere.
In un paese normale, un qualsiasi paese del mondo occidentale, voi che avete votato per qualsiasi dei partiti che fanno parte o hanno fatto parte della coalizione di potere di Berlusconi sareste in piazza a chiedere perdono per aver buttato nella merda 50 anni di democrazia (buona? Brutta? Non importa: Democrazia).
In un qualsiasi paese del mondo occidentale, quel mondo che noi riteniamo "civilizzato", Berlusconi, dopo aver fatto accordi illeciti per arricchirsi, dopo aver stretto accordi mafiosi per proteggersi e arricchirsi, dopo aver corrotto, intimidato, (qui dovrei proseguire con l'elenco, ma oramai non domino più la lingua italiana così bene, e nemmeno ho voglia, per continuare questa lista e così taglio qua) per anni e anni dovrebbe essere, minimo, in tribunale a dimostrare di non essere un criminale (ah, no, questa è giusta... lo sta già facendo).

Life ain't easy

Looking, searching, findig, reaching, grabbing, holding, keeping, hugging, klogging, losing, feeling, forgetting, leaving, finding againg and leaving and losing forever... that's life.Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.5

There in Madrid

As far as I can tell Madrid is a wonderful city. Not expensive, big but walkable and, if the distance is too big, the metro reaches almost every place.
A lot of shops, a lot of restaurants, as a capital should habe, but few steps away from the busy central streets, it seems to walk in a town neighbourhood.
As far as I can say...Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.5

The things I fear the most

... are three:
- death
- loneliness
- change

And of the three death is the only one I really don't fear. When it will come I know by now that I'll have things to regret, things that I would have loved to have done better or in a different way, places where I would have loved to be, lips I would have loved to kiss and so on. But I lived my life the way I lived and I cannot change it. I can only change my future and my behavior, I cannot change myself. So whichever day comes to my eyes I try not to repeat the same mistakes. But I know that I'm no perfect man and that I will repeat them. I accept it and accept myself, I'm no perfect man. Nobody is.

And of the three I really don't fear change. It's that I don't like it, I prefer to sit in my chair and eat my food. Sometimes I discover that my chair no longer appeals me and the food I was used to eat no longer appeases me. It's no problem at all, I'll change my chair and try some new food.

So everything I …

Everything (sorry, I only found this one...)