The things I fear the most

... are three:
- death
- loneliness
- change

And of the three death is the only one I really don't fear. When it will come I know by now that I'll have things to regret, things that I would have loved to have done better or in a different way, places where I would have loved to be, lips I would have loved to kiss and so on. But I lived my life the way I lived and I cannot change it. I can only change my future and my behavior, I cannot change myself. So whichever day comes to my eyes I try not to repeat the same mistakes. But I know that I'm no perfect man and that I will repeat them. I accept it and accept myself, I'm no perfect man. Nobody is.

And of the three I really don't fear change. It's that I don't like it, I prefer to sit in my chair and eat my food. Sometimes I discover that my chair no longer appeals me and the food I was used to eat no longer appeases me. It's no problem at all, I'll change my chair and try some new food.

So everything I fear is one thing: loneliness.
But... sometimes to be alone helps understand and reach higher feelings... normally being alone just sucks.


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