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Violet rules: Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

April 2010, the beginning of a new Era!

[Trumpets and violins, angels singing]

Ok, maybe that's not the case, but I've switched to Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx . I've done the upgrade from 9.10 Karmic Koala. Everything has gone smooth, no problems at all. Only it takes a lot of time, I think it takes more or less 4 hours (download included). But at the end the system is as it was before the change. And so I'm happy.

What's new?

Well, quicker to start and to connect at the internet (36 seconds and you are connected, against the 46 of 9.10 and the over a minute with Windows Vista), stylish and community oriented.

Quickness: it's really great the job done here. With the previous versions I never turn off nor suspend the system, because it seemed too much time to wait on waking up. Now I normally suspend the system and it wakes up in 10 seconds or less, and when I go to sleep I turn the computer off. And I save the planet.

Style: a lot of people have complained about t…

What the Hell is Heaven

Don't know, for sure.
Probably is the place where no wars, fights or bad things never happens, or maybe is some kind of blue skies with few dark clouds and it's forever warm.
Maybe is just where you lie there, sitting beside the sea, and the waves are sweet and the sun shines.
And your lips just says few words...


Informazione di SERVIZIO! Adri, domani non posso verti a prendere, mandami un sms che ti dico chi viene!

Size does matter: HTC MAGIC

So, here comes the hotstepper... NO, I'm just trying to write something with some sense in it, but there's so few sense in this day that there is no chance at all.

I've been during this last months, but I've written really few. Well, I'll try to say something about what I've bought, what I've done and what are my feelings.

First: I've bought a HTC Magic cell phone, with Android on it. Android, for who doesn't know, it's a mobile OS by Google, based on Linux.
Now that months have passed I can say pros and cons of this product.
The cell phone itself is really nice. As a cell phone it has a strong receiving capability, far better than my last Samsung mobile phone. Sound during calls is really good and the line never falls.
If you want to send SMS and e-mails it's nice to use it's virtual keyboard, maybe the problem, as I've already said if I'm not wrong, is that you have to learn how to press that damn keys (a joke, not that d…

Happyness in the paint

Facciamoci due risate, via...
Ah, visto che sempre ci compariamo con la Spagna: la Spagna è grigia.
La Russia fa paura perché è nera, la Cina è grigio scuro... e son cazzi pure lì.

La gioia della politica italiana e delle finanze di Tremonti. Comunque gran parte del debito lo dobbiamo a Craxi, che si vuole un grande statista, no?

Il GDP è il Gross Domestic Product cioè il Prodotto Interno Lordo, o PIL.