Violet rules: Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

April 2010, the beginning of a new Era!

[Trumpets and violins, angels singing]

Ok, maybe that's not the case, but I've switched to Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx . I've done the upgrade from 9.10 Karmic Koala. Everything has gone smooth, no problems at all. Only it takes a lot of time, I think it takes more or less 4 hours (download included). But at the end the system is as it was before the change. And so I'm happy.

What's new?

Well, quicker to start and to connect at the internet (36 seconds and you are connected, against the 46 of 9.10 and the over a minute with Windows Vista), stylish and community oriented.

Quickness: it's really great the job done here. With the previous versions I never turn off nor suspend the system, because it seemed too much time to wait on waking up. Now I normally suspend the system and it wakes up in 10 seconds or less, and when I go to sleep I turn the computer off. And I save the planet.

Style: a lot of people have complained about the buttons on the left side of the windows, but it's just matter of get used (and if you don't want to get used change the theme or go here). By the way the desktop's look is really stylish (already said...). Maybe with "Ambiance" theme is a bit dark, I use now "Radiance" and it's really nice and relaxing. Remember that in "System / Preferences / Aspect" you can choose the theme you like the most.

Community Orientation: you'll be connected to all you social sites always! On the notification area you have the envelope and the name, meaning that the envelope you see is where you can access your chat, email and social accounts. In the name you can set your status and something more. It's easy to configure and easy to use, if the envelope is green somebody is sending you something.

Other things: everything work really fine, even better than in 9.10. I've switched from Amarok to Rythmbox. Now the latter is quite nice (never as Amarok 1.4, but it's not supported anymore and the 2 version is not that easy to use) and has got a lot of new features (Lyrics, Artist informations and so on) and also the Ubuntu One Music Store. That's a nice thing, a iTunes like store, but without DRM problems (and it's also stylish too...). Only problem? Mp3 it's the only format... sigh. Then I'm trying Shotwell to replace F-Spot (because this uses Mono and I don like it) and it's not bad.

So. 10.04 works great (for me the same little problem, my mic... sigh!) and it has been a lot of time that don't ever bother thinking that I've got Vista on the same laptop. Better, I'm starting thinking to delete it! Just dream: a Windows free laptop!! Smile...

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