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La vida es una mierda...

... por suerte es la mejor mierda posible!


[Post che avrebbe dovuto essere postato qualche mese fa, ma per errore posto solo oggi... e il senso è molto più allegro ora che allora]

Where have all the Ubuntu gone?

After a year of great changes, at least in perspective, it's time for me to think about the future. Also thinking about my first fully operational Ubuntu laptop (this to be said about the MIC issues I've had with the previous Acer 6530, of course, being the only issue in 2 years).

So... no I am using Ubuntu 10.04 and it feels a great distribution. It's usability is high, it's nice and clean and I've got everything I want. I used the 10.10 and it's nice too, but there is nothing there to make me switch there. Only the new Software Center seems a big change and a big deal, but when I'll want it I probably install it in Lucid.
But the thing it's keeping me back with the 10.04 is also the LTS thing. Because Ubuntu is going somewhere where, for now, I don't want to follow and so I'll stick with the old-way Gnome 2 and be happy about it.
In fact Unity and the Gnome Shell are not too intriguing for my thoughts. They are great for a Netbook (maybe) and pro…

Acer 3820TG using Ubuntu 10.04

A new bought in the family: a brand new Acer Aspire Timeline 3820TG.
It comes with Windows 7 Homesomething installed and, better than usual, when I've arrived home I just started installing Ubuntu.
I prepared a USB device with Ubuntu 10.04 64bits and let's start.
Everything went smooth. Less than an hour later I was ready to use the laptop and to try all of the devices. Sad surprise, the internal mic doesn't work! As usual, for me. Also the screen brightness could not be changed.
So I started digging the internet (read: "God Google help me!") and today I've managed fixing all the problems I had.

Here is the forum I mostly used.

First thing to solve: internal Mic problems.
Solution: well, I've installed PulseAudio Device Chooser from the Ubuntu Software Center.
Then I've installed, using Synaptic, backported driver for ALSA. Just look for "linux-backports-modules-alsa-lucid-generic" and install it. It will install the modules for the specific kernel …