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Amsterdam: week 1 + 3 days

Slowly things are getting better.
I've got a place to live in, I've got some people that I start to know, I've got a route that I run to getting back into shape. I've got 2 favourite bars for breakfast and café, one on the east side and one on the west side of town (well... calling Amsterdam a town it's not right, but the feeling that I've got since the first time I came here is that it is a city, but with the spirit of a town... I cannot explain it in a different way, but it is a good thing!). And the favourite bar in which take a beer.
And in 1 or 2 weeks maximum I will also have a bike! Am I not a perfect Dutch?!? No, not yet. I have to learn at least how to say "Hello" and "Goodbye" in Dutch!
But it will come, with time and practice it will come.

Ten thousand views and some finger pointing

HEEEEE!!! After a lot of years this blog reached the 10 000 views! It is a small number for a serious blog, but being me... I am happy! I noticed that if I "advertise" the posts in FB they get up to three/four times more views than if not... but I have decided to stop doing that for the more personal posts. If somebody wants to know something about my life, should come here directly! I, on the other hand, decided to keep advertise more neutral posts (AAHH!!! I cannot lose all of the views!!).
Then... some finger pointing:

Isn't this man the best?
I watched two movies in these last days: Cowboys & Aliens and The Fugitive. Boy how good is he in both of them!

About The Fugitive there is not a lot to say, but I was surprised from Cowboys & Aliens... the movie is pretty good! It could be better, of course. But it is pretty good.
The could have used less aliens, for example. There are really too much of them to be a party scouting! And then... how come that the aliens…

Amsterdam: day 3.5

So, I've got a room... a little ugly room in a little ugly neighbourhood in west Amsterdam. It's little, it's ugly, but it's ok for now. I'll be there for 2 months maximum... and if I'm lucky less (and not only lucky... also a little bastard, but I'm just beginning...). I've got some friends too... well, one is a old friend, the others maybe will be, just met them, don't rush me!
Now I'm going on with the other points: 1. buy a bike 2. find a nice job 3. make a living in this nice city 4. something else...
I'm due to meet a friend of a friend, so I've got no time to tell more, sorry.
ps: yes, it was DireStraits... as a prize you can have one of the most famous things that Amsterdam can provide: prostitutes, grass or cheese. It's up to you to choose!

Amsterdam: day 1

Well, here I am in this mean old town.
A price is provided for who will tell me from where I took this verse.
I am in Amsterdam, drinking belgique beer and enjoying the evening. I've arrived tonight, after a quick flight from Milan in which I've been the babysitter for a young girl from Morocco who was flying to Amsterdam to meet her to be husband (true story, I cross my heart!). Then a taxi driver who could not understand numbers left me at the wrong end of one of Amsterdam's longest street, and then the B&B I booked gave me: 1. a room with no light in it; 2. a bathroom (shared) with no light in it; 3. the wrong room.
Following this I met a nice waitress (Annamaria) who has been my welcome to Amsterdam. And then one of the apartments I was to visit tomorrow is discovered to be in "tanta di mona" as the venetians says (it means far far away...).
Now I am finishing my second beer and going back to my new room, with light (and the bathroom too)...
Good night!

Ticket to ride

I've got it!

Finally I've got my ticket to Amsterdam. And I prepared carefully and with some time! I'll be there next Monday, so, being now 1 am on Sunday makes it: tomorrow!!

I still haven't got a job, haven't got an home... haven't book an hostel to stay for the first nights. But I've done worst things than these before, for example fall in love!

Amsterdam is a nice city... we will see if it gets in the way of my having a bad life as until now.

A month has come and gone (+1)

What a month can hold? 30, 31 days and that's all.
In a month there are days of joy and days of despair. Sun, rain, clouds, cold and warmth.
I moved the chain from my wrist to the neck, and it's funny because now the absence of it is so similar to another thing I miss. And then I found it around my neck and the ring so close to the heart and still it remind me of some other thing...
Sometimes it is not easy for a month to pass. Day after day crawls on your back and on your thoughts, scaring away little memories and throwing down huge passions. There is a thing that you do right and ten errors that hunt you back.
Maybe it could be a nice way to understand ourselves to just put every day one next to the other at the end of a month and look back at them and the things we've done to understand why, what, where and who.

A month has passed and still there is the same sadness, confusion and sense of absence that there were a month ago.

Time heal any wound. Other months will come …