Amsterdam: day 3.5

So, I've got a room... a little ugly room in a little ugly neighbourhood in west Amsterdam. It's little, it's ugly, but it's ok for now. I'll be there for 2 months maximum... and if I'm lucky less (and not only lucky... also a little bastard, but I'm just beginning...).
I've got some friends too... well, one is a old friend, the others maybe will be, just met them, don't rush me!

Now I'm going on with the other points:
1. buy a bike
2. find a nice job
3. make a living in this nice city
4. something else...

I'm due to meet a friend of a friend, so I've got no time to tell more, sorry.

ps: yes, it was DireStraits... as a prize you can have one of the most famous things that Amsterdam can provide: prostitutes, grass or cheese. It's up to you to choose!
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