A month has come and gone (+1)

What a month can hold? 30, 31 days and that's all.
In a month there are days of joy and days of despair. Sun, rain, clouds, cold and warmth.
I moved the chain from my wrist to the neck, and it's funny because now the absence of it is so similar to another thing I miss. And then I found it around my neck and the ring so close to the heart and still it remind me of some other thing...
Sometimes it is not easy for a month to pass. Day after day crawls on your back and on your thoughts, scaring away little memories and throwing down huge passions. There is a thing that you do right and ten errors that hunt you back.
Maybe it could be a nice way to understand ourselves to just put every day one next to the other at the end of a month and look back at them and the things we've done to understand why, what, where and who.

A month has passed and still there is the same sadness, confusion and sense of absence that there were a month ago.

Time heal any wound. Other months will come and go.


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