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Running in a dream

I am running in a 10.000 meters competition. I am 5th or 6th, but still there are some kilometres to do and the lead is not so far ahead. The guy next to me start climbing positions, I keep calm and rest a bit more. Then only 4 laps are to be done, I begin my attack, I start running more, reach the 4th, reach the 3rd, reach the 2nd and 2 laps to go. I start to launch the last lap, pass the 2nd and in the hunt for the lead. I reach him, it's the guy who was with me at the beginning, accelerate, he tries to respond and launches the final rush. For a moment I fear my legs will not respond, the fear rises in my heart... but I resist, after 2 or 3 seconds I launch my final rush and here I go, to the final hundred metres... The other guy cannot resist, I sense that his confidence has gone and with it his last strength. I WIN!
Ok... this is some kind of idiocy, but... have you ever been in a dream where you have to run and your legs just... don't go? You have no strength, they stay …