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Learning the Manjaro way - 1 Installation

So, I am so happy about my switch from Ubuntu to Manjaro that I want to share the experience.
But first, first a big and huge THANKS to Ubuntu. I discovered Linux 20 years ago but it wasn't until Ubuntu 8.04 that I really have been able to use it constantly on my PCs. It was, of course, 2008 and for 5 years I simply loved it. Now that I think about it... it's the same years span as... what the f...!! Well... never mind.
So, a HUGE thanks, Ubuntu still remains a great distro, but I am too of a chaos maker to keep it. And it was time to change, as I said. Last words, if you are a complete stranger to the Linux world, try Ubuntu (maybe not the last distro, but the previous one or the LTS), or maybe Mint.
Now, Manjaro. What's Manjaro? Manjaro comes from Arch Linux. Arch Linux is for bad asses. You want to learn Linux? Or you already know it? Go with Arch. Manjaro tries to have the same level of configuration, speed, optimization as Arch, but gives you some help in the process…

Learning the Manjaro way

Today has happened.
Today I decided to wipe everything from my laptop (remember, it's a Dell Xps 13 with Linux on-board) and say goodbye to Ubuntu (Kubuntu flavour) and say HALLO to Manjaro as my main OS.
It has been a difficult choice? No. I upgraded from Kubuntu 13.10 to 14.04 and got a Kernel Panic (first EVER kernel panic in Linux for me...). How disappointed was I? Too much. There is NO way that a distribution should have a kernel panic in a production product (nice allitteration).
So, I downloaded Manjaro KDE edition and now here I am... It took me a bit to have the same feel and look as in my old desktop... but it seems to be blazing fast. I already tried Manjaro with LXDE or XFCE, I don't remember... and that was INCREDIBLY fast!
But I love my KDE and I am not yet ready to part from it... so... Manjaro here I am!
Octopi (the package management application) is a looong way behind Software Center, that is true, but hey, I am a power linux user or not?!? Answer is: not. B…