Learning the Manjaro way

Today has happened.

Today I decided to wipe everything from my laptop (remember, it's a Dell Xps 13 with Linux on-board) and say goodbye to Ubuntu (Kubuntu flavour) and say HALLO to Manjaro as my main OS.

It has been a difficult choice? No. I upgraded from Kubuntu 13.10 to 14.04 and got a Kernel Panic (first EVER kernel panic in Linux for me...). How disappointed was I? Too much. There is NO way that a distribution should have a kernel panic in a production product (nice allitteration).

So, I downloaded Manjaro KDE edition and now here I am...
It took me a bit to have the same feel and look as in my old desktop... but it seems to be blazing fast. I already tried Manjaro with LXDE or XFCE, I don't remember... and that was INCREDIBLY fast!

But I love my KDE and I am not yet ready to part from it... so... Manjaro here I am!

Octopi (the package management application) is a looong way behind Software Center, that is true, but hey, I am a power linux user or not?!? Answer is: not. But I know how to go around in these dangerous waters...

Only thing that really annoys me a bit? Everything is so green...
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