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Bye bye sad 2011

I've got only thirty minutes and then I've got to prepare myself for tonight special dinner (wonderful dinner at the hotel's restaurant and then 2 more hours of work, serving grapes to the kind guests...) and for a change this year I want to write down what have made me sad in this 2011.
So, let's start with the soft ones:

- Linux has not won the desktop war;
- Ubuntu is going to a place where I don't want to follow (that ugly Unity DE and Gnome Shell is not helping neither);
- My HTC has a small battery and small memory;
- my belly is getting bigger (I'm getting fat...);
- another year has passed and still I haven't played a single match with Juventus;

now let's go on with something bigger (like my bottom...):
- SB (the little Italian Dwarf) has not yet died;
- war in Lybia;
- war in Afghanista;
- war in Iraq;
- less water for everybody;
- Gaddafi murder (it's a dictator, but still it's a murder);
- Euro crisis;
- great cats danger of extinction;
- Japan's…

What's going on... Unity and Gnome-Shell

Here we are, another month is nearing it's end, another year has come and go (almost) and nothing has changed.

Mean people still are mean, good people find it every day to be good and BS has not yet died (the little dictator of Italy, of course!). Meanwhile Kim Song Il has... and is the world better today? Not sure.

But let's talk about important things.
In the past weeks I've been using Fedora 16 and Gnome-Shell and Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity. I like Fedora, it's the other half of Linux world, the one without apt and deb and with rpm... and I missed Software Center. I really don't know if debs are better than rpms or the opposite. The thing I know is that Software Center it's easy, clear and nice to look at (and Synaptic too, easy and clear) while on Fedora there is nothing like it. To look for a package on Fedora you should really want to find it... Synaptic is god compared to YUM (I know, I'm telling this only because I started using Synaptic before...).


Real Madrid - Barçelona 1-3

Cristiano: "Dios me ha enviado al mundo para enseñar a la gente a jugar a futbol." Messi: "¡¡¡ Mentira pelotudo, yo no envie a nadie!!!" Van un Manchego, un chileno, un argentino y seis catalanes... ¿lo pillas? ¿No? Pues la defensa del Madrid tampoco... ¿Por qué los del Madrid van todos los domingos a misa? Para ver a alguien de blanco levantando una copa.

And so... this is Christmas

E ancora una volta siamo arrivati a quel periodo dell'anno. Fa freddo, scende la neve, le giornate sono corte e tutti sono più buoni.

A Fuerteventura non sta nevicando, le giornate sono corte e poca gente è più buona, magari son tutti più bastardi, chi lo sa?

In ogni caso ci stiamo preparando. La casa è più natalizia che mai (seguiranno foto, ovvio) e lo sarà di più questa sera quando la dolce metà tornerà dal nord (causa pausa acquisti!).

E io, che di fare la cicaluccia al 100% non son capace, già sto pensando a che gadget informatico regalare alla casa (... ok, a me stesso...). Sono tentato dai tablet. Solo che non lo voglio Apple, non lo voglio Microsoft (sticazzi a Microsoft della bella merdaccia) e neanche Android. Mi resta poca scelta. E mi ci sto avvicnando: HP TouchPad. Solo che mi piacerebbe trovarlo a 199€ (o a 99€ quello piccolo) e invece oramai bisogna cercarlo su Amazon e va a 270... Epperò... epperò è notizia di poche ore fa che WebOS è stato "liberalizzato".…