sabato, dicembre 31, 2011

Bye bye sad 2011

I've got only thirty minutes and then I've got to prepare myself for tonight special dinner (wonderful dinner at the hotel's restaurant and then 2 more hours of work, serving grapes to the kind guests...) and for a change this year I want to write down what have made me sad in this 2011.
So, let's start with the soft ones:

- Linux has not won the desktop war;
- Ubuntu is going to a place where I don't want to follow (that ugly Unity DE and Gnome Shell is not helping neither);
- My HTC has a small battery and small memory;
- my belly is getting bigger (I'm getting fat...);
- another year has passed and still I haven't played a single match with Juventus;

now let's go on with something bigger (like my bottom...):
- SB (the little Italian Dwarf) has not yet died;
- war in Lybia;
- war in Afghanista;
- war in Iraq;
- less water for everybody;
- Gaddafi murder (it's a dictator, but still it's a murder);
- Euro crisis;
- great cats danger of extinction;
- Japan's earthquake and tsunami;
- the Right is winning almost everywhere.

And probably there are a lot more... but I don't want to spend my last 10 minutes before going to work thinking about sad things so:

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