Bye bye sad 2011

I've got only thirty minutes and then I've got to prepare myself for tonight special dinner (wonderful dinner at the hotel's restaurant and then 2 more hours of work, serving grapes to the kind guests...) and for a change this year I want to write down what have made me sad in this 2011.
So, let's start with the soft ones:

- Linux has not won the desktop war;
- Ubuntu is going to a place where I don't want to follow (that ugly Unity DE and Gnome Shell is not helping neither);
- My HTC has a small battery and small memory;
- my belly is getting bigger (I'm getting fat...);
- another year has passed and still I haven't played a single match with Juventus;

now let's go on with something bigger (like my bottom...):
- SB (the little Italian Dwarf) has not yet died;
- war in Lybia;
- war in Afghanista;
- war in Iraq;
- less water for everybody;
- Gaddafi murder (it's a dictator, but still it's a murder);
- Euro crisis;
- great cats danger of extinction;
- Japan's earthquake and tsunami;
- the Right is winning almost everywhere.

And probably there are a lot more... but I don't want to spend my last 10 minutes before going to work thinking about sad things so:

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