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Everything remembers me about you.

... and it's quite unbearable.

For everything, in any case...

Forgive me.

I never ment to hurt you, I never ment to make you cry.

I've seen Unicorns out in the forest

and than an alligator killed two of my companions. One was killed in the trees and the second taken to the river and drowned there.
It was a hard time for the others, but we kept on working and now our keep is almost a nice place to live in. 
Wellthis is what happens in Dwarf Fortress, an incredible game.

My philosophy (fake)

My philosophy is really simple:
- all I got is my laptop.
In it I've got my music, my photos, my documents.

Today my computer was dying. The power supply cable suddenly died and a part of me with it (another part, another one died when She left...).
Then I found another cable. I was born another time.

Drinking sparkling wine

Well, maybe it's not sparkling, but I'd like it would be and that you'd been here. That way this wine glass would have been a good one.
Like it is it's just spending some time trying to found a way to sleep.

Why Avatar is not a great movie

That's why. It's 2010 and already there are devices like this being developed and I should believe that in 2 thousands and some centuries more a paraplegic will have to wait governmental aid to be operated to walk again?!? That's a big suspension of belief.
This movie is just a great show for the eyes and nothing more.

Coming back where I've never been

Well, it's not two weeks and it's already hard.
I'm sorry about it, probably it's because I'm tired by the world around me, tired with the people I have to work with. Or maybe I'm just tired and that's all.
But it's becoming being really hard. I know myself, I know where this is leading to and don't like it. I also know that this is just nothing, it's just some time that have to come and that will pass.
Don't know if I'm too strong or just too weak. For sure is that I'm becoming too old to feel like this, I'm no longer the teen that would have everything for love, no more the young man in his twenties that was so proud to be strong in his feelings. I'm just in my mid thirties and I'm not a good one. It's not good time. I just left behind me my best time as an athlete and just started to understand that my life is just reaching its peak, or maybe already reached it.
And so this time that shall come just tires me a lot and …

11 days

Keep asking ourselves are really strong enough?
Sometimes it feels like a heart is no place to be singing from at all
All at once, Jack Johnson

Time passed by

Ben says the truth when he sings:
Life is much too short to sit and wonder
who's gonna make the next move
But sometimes time is the only thing that's needed and you cannot do a thing to change it.
And these times are the worst for me. I've never ever loved to e waiting for anything, being good or bad things. I've really never been able to stand waiting, I'm not a cold hearted, cannot play poker because my heart is straight almost always and I cannot lie that well.
But time is the thing that's necessary and so I wait and stand. Stand and wait... if only the night would be easier to sleep it would be no bad time at all...


I would have never believed that watching "Asterix at the Olimpiads" would have remembered me about beautiful times, but that's it.
I woke up late, as usual in these days "after", and laid down on the sofa (I went from laying in the bed to laying in the sofa, I'm so active!) turning on the TV. I found out that this masterpiece of french movie's industry was aired and thought of past times were recalled by my mind.
Images of a year ago. Seems a long time but I feel like it was yesterday. And it's not helping.

Alea jacta est

Hearing your name

I' ve been waiting for you I' ve been waiting for you Never found enything else to do But waiting for you
I' ve been calling your name I' ve been calling your name Never found anything else to say Nothing to say
You can kill a lot of time if you really want put your mind do it Leave it all behind if you never wanna go through it
I keep hearing your name I keep hearing your name Nothing else sounds the same As hearing your name
You can kill a lot of time if you really put your mind to it Or leave it all behind and never ever go through it
I' ve been hoping for you Keep hoping for you What else can I do But keep hoping for you?
You can kill a lot of time if you really put your mind to it Or leave it all behind and never ever go through it
We can kill a lot and never really have to go through it
What else can I do But keep hoping for you?
Ben Harper - Waiting for you