Coming back where I've never been

Well, it's not two weeks and it's already hard.
I'm sorry about it, probably it's because I'm tired by the world around me, tired with the people I have to work with. Or maybe I'm just tired and that's all.
But it's becoming being really hard. I know myself, I know where this is leading to and don't like it. I also know that this is just nothing, it's just some time that have to come and that will pass.
Don't know if I'm too strong or just too weak. For sure is that I'm becoming too old to feel like this, I'm no longer the teen that would have everything for love, no more the young man in his twenties that was so proud to be strong in his feelings. I'm just in my mid thirties and I'm not a good one. It's not good time. I just left behind me my best time as an athlete and just started to understand that my life is just reaching its peak, or maybe already reached it.
And so this time that shall come just tires me a lot and when I'm tired I become stressed and don't like it. Just... why?
I don't know what I want, but I know that I can choose tomorrow. As usual, I'm not the one who chooses. 


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