A love letter

Hey baby, how are you?
I hope you are good (actually, you are just in front of me... well... when they say that technology blocks human interaction, eh!!).
I just want to say that this last year has been a rollercoaster of emotions, and that I love it. You are a definitely difficult person, and I am too. And look, we managed a fantastic year, full of voyages, angry moments and love.
And it's going on and on... who would have thought? We keep on travelling, we keep on getting angry and we keep on... love! Hehehehe... yeah... I am never completely serious if I can.
I want simply to say "thank you". My life has improved a lot, and became more difficult too. Both things are because of you. It's going good, I feel it... so: kiss, I love you.

Losing hope is easy...

We have lost. Humanity is going down a spiral that... well... is shitty. Wow... strong words, I know.
Truth is that I'm in Krakow, Poland. It's Sunday evening and I've done nothing the whole day. My love is far away, at home, and I've been here for too long. Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson in Park and Recs, for you series fans out there) said that he and his wife (Megan Mulally... another precious actress) decided early in their marriage that they would not accept jobs if it would have kept them apart more than 2 weeks. I agree with them, 1 week is ok, 2 weeks is bearable, but 3 weeks it's already too much being apart from your loved ones. And this month has been, hopefully, the last one. We'll see.
But... "we've lost", I was saying. G20 meeting was down there in Argentina and humanity lost. That was plainly clear since Trump was elected, since I never doubted that any kind of policy he would be approve would have been absolutely against any ecologica…

Starting over... again???

On a regular basis I think that I'm wasting my time... not in drugs, not in women, not in alcohol (well... ehm... on this late point, maybe sometimes yes... but just borderline... like 2 beers in an evening at home!)... but just wasting it not doing anything... sensible? Apart, maybe, in playing Sensible Soccer in it's days, I mean.
Blogging has been for some time one of the sensible things I was doing that kept my spirits high, and on a regular basis I tried to restart it... but it's difficult... writing on a mobile is not practical, and writing on my laptops was a secondary thoughts (the first being playing any kind of game... damn STEAM!!!)... and writing at work, like I had been doing a lot at the beginning (like, in 2005???) is not a thing I would like to do. Also and possibly because I kind of like my job now, that I didn't back then) and because the job is taking up almost all of my... job time (imagine that!!).
But recently, having to update my laptop, for a c…

Piking at 43? ... naaaahh...

So much time as passed, and again I come back to this pages trying, again, to relate my thoughts, experiences and whatnot. Life has evolved since... April 2017. More than a year has passed, lots of water under the bridge. And I find myself in a sweet spot, good as could be, after few years of struggling...
Since I arrived in the Netherlands I started again playing football... 7 a side, 6 a side... lately I started 11 a side again, after almost 10 years since my last match. It's a lower league, in the Netherlands people are crazy for sports so that every level of football, hockey, darts competitions can be found. But it's still on a full pitch and 90 minutes... and even if the team in which I started to be invited (some matches here and there) is not the best... better... normal... worst... ehm... well, other teams are not that bad. And I found out that being put in my old position in the middle of the midfield, I can still enjoy a full match. My fitness is low, my speed is ev…

Night Shift - J.P.F.

me voy a argentina en abril...que, te vienes o no?

I don't remember the first time I talk with you, but I don't care that much. We became friends while you thought me how to work the night shift. The age difference could have been the one between father and son, but you already had a son and a daughter, and I already had a father... and anyway the relationship was directly of two equals... and I don't even know how it was possible, because I was a young little piece of an intricate confused human being, while I always sensed that you knew what was going around and why.
I've been around the isle confused and amazed by a life I never dreamed and imaged of, while you probably looked at me as a young and enthusiastic fella who still have future in front of him to make mistake after mistake. I did, by the way. You gave me a friendship that helped me find a place to call home, even when I was alone, even when I was lost, even when I lost everything. You were there, desperat…

Reaching the limits

I've never been good at the edge. Limits mainly gave me problems. Mathematical limits, psychological limits. With physical limits I've been always quite good. Probably because I never believed in them (not true, this is just to make myself look good...). Physical limits, anyway, I am good at them. Because I understand them, I've been fighting with them from a really early age. Never been too tall, never been too strong, growing up loving doing sports I needed to face my physical limits quite soon. And quite soon I pushed them back and back each time more.
Emotional limits, that's where I'm really bad at. I tried. I tried to be strong a lot of times, and probably I got better and got stronger. But Truth is that they drain my strength to an extent where everything seems bleak and hopeless. And I'm not like that. But it goes down and down and down I need a ledge to hang on and don't find it. And the fall keeps going and going.
Anyway... sometimes the 2 limits…

(Stand) Running life: 2017

We are back. And it's cold. And you are not gonna see me running outside because are you f****ing crazy?!?
But... 2017 brought 2 new seasons, but also 1 day of rest in between of them. That's a nice gift, I suppose.
Also it brought me 2 weeks of rest (following 2 weeks of rest at end of November/beginning of December). So I should have been slightly overweight (I am, I can confirm you this before hand), but also basically healthy (I am not, spoiler...).
So yesterday first match of the season. My groin injury is still there... I've been basically playing left footed in the last 2 months, and it seems I will be doing the same in the foreseeable future if things won't improve.
So, new seasons started, I'm overweight and getting near to be 1 year older (than when? Who cares, I'm trying to make a point here), some old injuries are still there (also ankle and knee... always there, lucky me) and I want to kick some asses, because I've been fed up about being kick…