lunedì, febbraio 20, 2017

Reaching the limits

I've never been good at the edge. Limits mainly gave me problems. Mathematical limits, psychological limits. With physical limits I've been always quite good. Probably because I never believed in them (not true, this is just to make myself look good...).
Physical limits, anyway, I am good at them. Because I understand them, I've been fighting with them from a really early age. Never been too tall, never been too strong, growing up loving doing sports I needed to face my physical limits quite soon. And quite soon I pushed them back and back each time more.

Emotional limits, that's where I'm really bad at. I tried. I tried to be strong a lot of times, and probably I got better and got stronger. But Truth is that they drain my strength to an extent where everything seems bleak and hopeless. And I'm not like that. But it goes down and down and down I need a ledge to hang on and don't find it. And the fall keeps going and going.

Anyway... sometimes the 2 limits come together and it's even tougher. Sometimes, like tonight, at least one gives me a break. So it's not good, but it's not completely bad either. Well... let's not put it into too bright terms anyway...

giovedì, gennaio 05, 2017

(Stand) Running life: 2017

We are back. And it's cold. And you are not gonna see me running outside because are you f****ing crazy?!?

But... 2017 brought 2 new seasons, but also 1 day of rest in between of them. That's a nice gift, I suppose.

Also it brought me 2 weeks of rest (following 2 weeks of rest at end of November/beginning of December). So I should have been slightly overweight (I am, I can confirm you this before hand), but also basically healthy (I am not, spoiler...).

So yesterday first match of the season. My groin injury is still there... I've been basically playing left footed in the last 2 months, and it seems I will be doing the same in the foreseeable future if things won't improve.

So, new seasons started, I'm overweight and getting near to be 1 year older (than when? Who cares, I'm trying to make a point here), some old injuries are still there (also ankle and knee... always there, lucky me) and I want to kick some asses, because I've been fed up about being kicked.

The first part of this is train more, the second is stop complaining and thinking that the game should be played following the rule of the law.

Training, since now is f****ing cold, means exercise at home. Half an hour or three quarter of an hour each day, or each every other day. Today? Done! Tomorrow... will see.

The second part is even trickier... I've been a nice and cool player for too long to believe that I'm gonna change my way of playing in such a short time. But at least the mindset is there. Let's see...

sabato, dicembre 03, 2016


No, not the famous island in the Pacific Ocean that was the theatre of a pivotal battle during World War II.

Simply midway, from here to there. From now and then.

First week of holidays almost gone, spent in Singapore, eating, walking, walking, eating. The highlight of everything is been... well... FOOD.
Singapore is a beautiful city, full of cultural mix-ups, skyscrapers next to colonial architecture. Tropical forest next to AC freezing malls. And food. Food... food. Want to eat chinese? You welcome. Fancy japanese? Not that difficult to find. Thai? Philippino's? Everywhere, food everywhere.

But I've been shy. I've eating "oriental" only at lunch and dinner; breakfast has been way too occidental. I have shamed myself. And eaten at Starbucks... at least too many times. But one day... when I had a continental breakfast in an australian bar.

Yes... well... I'll try to improve. In the meanwhile I've already "improved" my weight.

lunedì, novembre 21, 2016

(Not) Running Life: week... whatever...

So, my running resolution for the old year has gone haywire, but I don't care, actually.

So, I started running, I managed for what... 2 or 3 weeks? And then life, pain, injuries... and the main fact that I HATE running, brought me to fall back to my usual "wishing running" routine.

I also at one point decided to rest completely, since my left ankle is hurting, my right knee is hurting, my back is hurting, my groin hurt (still undiagnosed... but pain pain pain).

Then, since these are my last playing years (or maybe... year??) I decided to come back. And so last week I played on Monday (lost) and Tuesday (surprisingly won!). And then a teammate from the Monday team asked me to play 11 a side on Saturday and I said: why not?

So, I played on Saturday, around 60 minutes. And today is Monday and we just finished playing and we won (YES!). And my legs hurt like hell. That is how it's gonna be from now on, I know. It's been like that more or less throughout my whole playing career, but now it's really the main thing of any playing time I have: PAIN. PAIN PAIN PAIN, growing pain. Shins? Pain. Ankles? Pain. Knees? Pain. Groin? Pain. Back? Pain. Neck? Pain. So much pain that sometimes I stop moving during the match, because I have to summon the strength to overcome the pain.

That's playing time for me: PAIN. Why do I play? Because fun is still more than pain. But it's gonna be slowly fade away... (sadly the fun, not the pain). Probably that's why I am so sensitive and get angry and I scream a lot when someone wants to play "outside the rules" or I see someone being careless about hurting people. Because it takes away the fun, and gives more pain.

Don't give pain... play for fun!

mercoledì, ottobre 19, 2016

Running Life: sprained ankle, pain in the knee?

The "Running Life" project is not going on well. It's been 3 weeks of just Monday's and Tuesday's matches and nothing more. Well... last Sunday I "trained" with my Tuesday's team for 2 hours in the morning. "Training" means a 1 hour match 3 vs 3 and 1 hour of some shooting exercises.

That's been all. I've got good excuses for this... I've been sick on and off for last 3 weeks basically. So I'm not feeling that bad. But today I could... and I didn't. It's autumn, the bleak season... I was bleak.

And how the match have been going? Well. Good and bad. My legs have not been that bad. My performances have been quite good (actually on Tuesday's game I scored 8 goals in 3 matches, playing also more than 1 half in goal... so not bad). Yesterday has been the first time I had again pain in the lower legs. Next week I'll be in Italy for the whole week, and I have the idea (pale idea) to go to run once or twice. And maybe when I'll be back go back on my runs at least twice a week.

It will never happen.

And, as a last news, yesterday I sprained my left ankle (saving a shot) and the pain was quite strong. Luckily it was not a big sprain, it didn't even swollen too much. But today my left knee is in pain. I don't know what's the lesson from this.

lunedì, ottobre 03, 2016

Running life: match day #1, or playing sick

Well, in the last 2 weeks I've never run a single day. For different reasons... like... well... how to say it... I didn't want?

Anyway, today it was match day, and I was sick since last Thursday (fever, simple fever), but I was a bit better, so I decided to play anyway. Well... no strength, no power, no stamina... and not even brains...

It was a funny experience, though... the world was not spinning at the right speed, and sometimes was spinning too much... my mind was a bit wondering at times... 

We lost.

lunedì, settembre 26, 2016

The strange life of Pi

First of all... the ones who understand the title of this post are spread over quite a nice part of Europe... and one is on a different plane of existence (if ever).

Then... life is strange.

When everything goes on on it's tracks, you are prepared to renovate everything in your life (exaggeration, right there...) and even start being blonde, some words on a monitor start becoming more and more important. And hearing a voice is nice and sweet.

And well... hearing that voice it's not easy, it's somewhere far far away. But hey, easy things? Naaa... too boring.

Who knows what's happening? And who cares? What can happen and what will happen are two different things, but both are exciting and there's no use in trying to worry about that. Yep... ZEN mode is on.

martedì, settembre 20, 2016

Running life: 11 a side football match

And so it happened. After having jogged on Wednesday, a colleague of mine asked me if on Saturday I would join on a match of his 11 a side football team. He would be injured, but would be there.

So I said yes, because: why not?

Probably it's a bit early, I have been jogging (I really can't say "training") for just 3 weeks... but he asked me on Friday, just before I was supposed to go running, and that was a big push on say "yes". I would have not gone running right away, but I would have anyway "jogged" on Saturday.

And Saturday it come. I went to the field, met the team, I was to sub, obviously, and had no problem on that... even better, should I say, because an 11 a side is a big pitch and it's 90 mins and I am old.
So... I warm up a bit, exchanged passes with the guys and then stayed on the side watching the match for the first half.

The 2 teams were quite balanced, our opponents were playing with a big fat guy who couldn't run, but luckily we had one of our own. Anyway, 0-0 after the first half (and a really bad accident...).

It is my turn, my colleague (well... let's say friend, come on!) told the team I would start playing, in the central midfield (he asked me and that's the place I said I am more comfortable)... and the team was not happy about that. I don't speak Dutch, but I think I understood that they didn't wanted, so they moved me to the side.

No problem for me, I know it's not the best place for me now, because I'm not as quick and fit as  it's needed there... but anyway. We started the match, we scored, I missed an opportunity (not used to the pitch) and I enjoyed it a lot. At one point they moved me to the middle... because they saw I good enough... hehehe... I was more than good enough. Anyway we lost, my right quadriceps hurt and I can't shoot with that leg, but I am more than happy about the outcome. Hopefully the leg will get better... and I will be able to play again. 11 a side is FOOTBALL!

venerdì, settembre 16, 2016

Up to the task ... ... (?)

Time is running out. ETA is nearing and getting pretty close: TOMORROW!

Renovations are gonna start. Everything is a surprise and I'm up to do none of the things I should do... at least until I will not start doing them!

Little calendar down here. Cross fingers and whatever else you could cross!

Day    Task    Time
16-Sep (Fri)    Organize and move stuff    3
17-Sep (Sat)    rent/buy needed tools    2
17-Sep (Sat)    Organize and move stuff    6
18-Sep (Sun)    remove wallpaper in Livingroom    7
18-Sep (Sun)    prepare stuff to move out    1
19-Sep (Mon)    remove all doors   
19-Sep (Mon)    close main water and gas (need to move out!!!)   
19-Sep (Mon)    remove floor in Bathroom    4
19-Sep (Mon)    check pipes layout    0.5
19-Sep (Mon)    remove floor in Kitchen    1
19-Sep (Mon)    remove floor in Corridor    1
19-Sep (Mon)    remove floor in Main Bedroom    1
19-Sep (Mon)    remove wallpaper in Livingroom    1
20-Sep (Tue)    insole in Corridor + Kitchen (+ Main Room?)    6
20-Sep (Tue)    lay down pipes between Bathroom / Kitchen    1
20-Sep (Tue)    remove floor in Livingroom    1
21-Sep (Wed)    new insole dries   
21-Sep (Wed)    lay down new pipes in Kitchen    4
21-Sep (Wed)    bring down Bathroom wall    4
22-Sep (Thu)    bring down Bathroom wall    6
22-Sep (Thu)    setup pipes for new kitchen in Bathroom    2
23-Sep (Fri)    lay down new floor in new bathroom    4
23-Sep (Fri)    set down new WC + sink + bathtub (or shower cabin) in new bathroom    4
24-Sep (Sat)    lay down new kitchen    8
25-Sep (Sun)    day to finish all above works    8
26-Sep (Mon)    day to finish all above works    8
27-Sep (Tue)    day to finish all above works    8
27-Sep (Tue)    re-open main water and gas (can move back with bed in the attic?)   
28-Sep (Wed)    lay down new floor in Corridor + Main bedroom    4
29-Sep (Thu)    lay down new floor in Living room + new kitchen    7
29-Sep (Thu)    new window sill in Livingroom    1
30-Sep (Fri)    paint Livingroom    2
30-Sep (Fri)    paint Main bedroom    2
30-Sep (Fri)    paint Corridor    2
30-Sep (Fri)    paint new bathroom    2
01-Oct (Sat)    2nd coat on all above    8
02-Oct (Sun)    move stuff back    8
03-Oct (Mon)    time to check all the above    8
04-Oct (Tue)    remove floor in Small bedroom    1
04-Oct (Tue)    remove wall cabin in Small bedroom    4
04-Oct (Tue)    paint Small bedroom    3
05-Oct (Wed)    setup new Livingroom   
05-Oct (Wed)    new bed + wardrobe in Main bedroom   
05-Oct (Wed)    new bed in Small bedroom   
05-Oct (Wed)    new couch in Livingroom   
05-Oct (Wed)    new wardrobe in Small bedroom   
06-Oct (Thu)    day to finish all above works    8
07-Oct (Fri)    day to finish all above works    8
08-Oct (Sat)    day to finish all above works    8
09-Oct (Sun)    day to finish all above works    8