mercoledì, febbraio 11, 2015

Nights are full of misteries... and void of sleep

Sometimes I would simply love to learn how to forget. I am a stupid idiot (no, I am not talking metaphorically, I really am. I know my level of intelligence is quite high, I know a lot of things, but I am really a functional idiot in this life and it has created me so many problems that it is difficult for me to have normal relations with other humans. It seems ridiculous to say something like this... but it's sadly true).

So, I was saying: sometimes I would simply love to learn to forget.

It is so easy to forget... something hurt you? You forget it? Life goes on! Somebody has been rude to you? You forget it? Life goes on!

My problem is that there are things, and of course those are the must hurtful things, that at a conscious level I have learnt to forget, but my freaking asshole sub-conscious doesn't want to. And they, of course, come back at the worst times. One of the worst times? For example: NOW! Now that I would love to go to sleep and I would need to go to sleep because else tomorrow will be a shitty Wednesday and, ok, Wednesdays are shitty already, but they are in the middle of the week and soon is Thursday and then it's Friday and it's the weekend! The only problem being that Wednesdays are my Mondays, since I work on weekends. And so tonight it's the most important night because it will set the tone for the whole of the week nights and it's gonna be shit!

So, yes, I am still thinking about you. And being contacted by the ex-boyfriend of your sister and by your sister (for two completely different reasons) on the same fucking day it doesn't help at all. Fortunately I have really enjoyed hearing from both of them... but please, world, let's agree that it's not fair.

Wink wink (and sleeping tonight will be a really difficult thing...)

giovedì, febbraio 05, 2015

There's a moon over Bourbon street tonigth...

It wasn't tonight, it wasn't Bourbon Street. But indeed there had been a moon over some place (and, by the way... wonderful song from Sting, check it out!).

This morning, I woke up at the sound of the alarm (damn 8 am shift... that make me wake up before civilized hours! Like... 6:50 am!) and I opened the eyes. I let the curtain on my bedroom's window half open yesterday night (that's the nice thing of living in the north: nights during winter are usually really dark...) and a potent light was lighting up my bed. I simply lifted a bit my head and there! I saw it! There was the full moon, shining low on the horizon, but still bright and white (usually so low it's already reddish... lucky me!) and just a bit above it there was a strong star. I believe it's Venus (so, technically, a planet...), I've not checked and will not check it now. Because that's not the point.

There was the moon so bright and shining, and a shining white star just above, shooting light above my head and it was simply stunning. I had not my glasses on, and I didn't care. I am short sighted, so without glassing the most of the show was missed. But I didn't care. Probably in another moment I would have taken out the camera, or took a photo with my phone. But I didn't felt the need of doing so. I just acknowledged that there were a wonderful show outside my window, that it was simply gorgeous... and it was enough for me.

I probably were too sleepy, that could be a reason why I didn't felt the urge to put on my glasses, or took a picture or in any way try to have a better view of it. I didn't care. I cared that no one was there with me to share the beauty of it. But maybe not even that. It was simply so nice that I simply needed to know that it was beautiful.

I woke up, prepared for the day and, before leaving the apartment, I took a final look, now completely awake and "full sighted": it was beautiful.

It still is...

lunedì, gennaio 26, 2015

Ireland 2015

Outbound flight bought.
Inbound flight bought too.

So, Ireland will be real, after all, this May 2015. A little more than 2 weeks, in a foreign country, alone, driving around and camping somewhere.

If I'll say that I am scared I'd be lying, but worried, yes. It's a long time that I've not been around alone in a foreign country, alone, driving around and camping somewhere. A long time, like... forever?

Arrival in Dublin, departure from Cork.

The first draft of the trip is here below...

Still a lot of things are not chosen. Like... were to sleep? For how long hike in the parks?
But the first step is done. I've got 2 tickets, one to go, one to come back... let's the adventure begin!

lunedì, dicembre 22, 2014

An amazing bunch of friends

I just got back to Italy, for the first time I'll be working from "home", meaning, this time, my parent's home!

I am quite excited about this opportunity. I want to see how it feel to sit next to my father while he translate and I work. I know, by the way, that luckily it will last only 1 week... because more... hey! It's still my parent's place, I can't stand stay in the same place for so long!

But it's not this I was going to write about. I was on the bus, taking me from the airport to the train station, and I was looking outside, remembering other times I went back on the same bus and some melancholy struck. And when melancholy strikes, you never know where your mind will go!

And mine started thinking about my childhood friends... those that were really friends, not for just a season, but for long years, the same friends that you still think about in rainy nights... and when you meet everything starts right after from it stops when you left. I am a lucky person and I've got a bunch of them (and one that left... and it still hurts, but she is with us, everyday!). And I was thinking where we are today, those handful of friends that between 14 and 20/23 where so close that almost we could have called ourselves brothers (and sister...).

There is me, in Amsterdam, speaking 4 languages, having changed life and career 3 times. But I was the dumbest one when we were young too.

One is a Chef, and a quite good one, mark my word. Who lived in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, worked in an amazing hotel, studied Japanese... well, an amazing person (whom I will forever thank for hosting me when I was completely lost).

One is the best seller I've ever seen... had a striking career in hospitality, lost everything, and get back on top in 2 years. Never able to rest, quite annoying, if I have to say... but helped me in one of the darkest periods of my life. And the f**king bastard lives in paradise!

Then one is a lawyer, who opened a winery, created a market, got "robbed"... and is about to open a new one.

One is a plumber... who builds his own stereo systems from scratch, who kites (-surf), who has a manual instinct to build/repair whatever he comes across.

One has a pastry shop... and that's already enough... because he is the one making them.

Well... now that I wrote what we did... maybe we are not so special. But I am honoured to think that I can call them "friends".

lunedì, dicembre 01, 2014

Two words on: Ferguson and United States of America - Ferguson (part I)

Here I come, writing my second dangerous post.

So, I tried to slip away from this subject and indeed, in the past months, I've talked about Ferguson only once, in a brief discussion with my father, that lead to nothing.

But the truth is that the situation in Ferguson is not improving, the situation in the USA neither and that a lot of information has been thrown against the viewer and a lot of different opinions have arisen.

I try to stay away from opinions, as somebody may have noticed, when I write or talk officially. I love opinions when I speak and discuss with somebody, as long as it's agreed that they are opinions (personal or common).

Anyway, in the case of Ferguson what struck me is not the opinions, but the simplest facts.

Here they are:
  • a 18 years old man has been killed on the 9th of August
  • the man was shot 6 times by a police officer
  • the man was unarmed
  • the shooting occurred at mid-day, on a open street
  • the police officer was on patrol alone
I know that there are a lot of more facts, that a lot of talking, witnesses and everything else have been said and done.

But I would simply like to focus on these 5 points. The sadness of a lost life, a kid, all of that I will not take into account. Neither the fact that he was black, the police officer white and so on. All of this is not important to this discussion.

I think that the horror of everything that happened is already there, in those 5 points. A police officer felt the need, or the urge, or was so scared or whatever to kill a human being in full light, with no evident threads and for no apparent useful reason.

Police should protect unarmed people from dangers, not be a danger by themselves. Police should not shoot people, at all. But if they should shoot, at least there should be a physical need for it, to restrain, stop a fatal danger to hit people. And even in the case that police should shoot, they should be able to shoot with skills and with confidence, and without losing control.
In this case, without having to dig deep into what happened, the first thing that I cannot stand is that a police officer shoot at somebody, in plain light, with no obstacles in between, who was unarmed. That should not happen. That was not good policing.
Why did the police officer shoot? Because he felt in danger? Because he felt that a dangerous people was escaping and would have caused harm to other people?

Something like this should not happen, not in a civilized country, not in plain day light, not with a police officer involved. If the police is not able to protect people, well, the worst that can do is shoot them. There is no excuse on that.

But here I begun entering into the opinions field, and I said I wouldn't. So I will go on, but what I feel are facts and what I feel are opinions (and, of course, this is already an opinion...).

fact: the man carried no weapon
fact: there were no impediments for the police officer to see that the man had no weapons.
fact: the police officer shot dead the man, with 6 or more shots

opinion: I strongly believe that the police should not shot and, worst, kill any unarmed person
opinion: I have the feeling that the police officer got carried away because enraged or scared and thus shoot too many times
opinion: I have also the opinion that he had nor the mastery of the weapon he was carrying, neither the training to effectively use such weapon
opinion: I have also the feeling that he initiated a confrontation when there were no need of any

fact: the police officer was alone on patrol.

opinion: police officer should never go alone on patrol. Too much risk, too much power in their hand to be left alone in what can be a dangerous situation, they need to be 2, that can help each other and that can give the other relief and security.
opinion: as it is now, 1 officer alone on patrol can only lead to problems, for himself, and for the community.

fact: a police officer killed a man

opinion: in my world police protect people, never kills them. In my world if somebody is guilty of some felony,will be captured by the police, brought in front of a judge and fairly judged

These are my opinions, those are part of a bigger thought I have had in the last weeks... I'll go on about this later, probably.

domenica, novembre 23, 2014

Buachaill on Eirne, or how I fell in love with Ireland again

I was working today, and chatting with a colleague about work, at one point (we did not know each other) I asked her where she was coming from and it turn out it's Ireland.

So, lets remember about old times and... which was that song? I searched my music library for Clannad and... here it is!

But the colleague point me out to another version from Corrs

And I was lost... from there it has been a long afternoon of listening to the same song in so many different shades (this is the list), and then Mo Ghile Mear...

and then  Oro Se do Bheatha 'Bhaile

and so down to Sinead and Tell me Ma

But to this there is no end...So I'll leave you with a good mention:

martedì, novembre 18, 2014

My long lost passion

I just thought that I have never posted a photo of my beloved motorbike... when I had one. And the sad truth is that I have almost no photos... so sad. But here it is, with a much younger me... and a dead Santa...

Interstellar: what goes and what goesn't... ehm... doesn't go! [part I]

So, I watched the movie, enjoyed it (you should already know, by now, having read this) and I read about it on I 400 Calci (in Italian, but simply wonderful site on movies).

I want to (and will) go to watch it a second time (this time I'll chose a not Imax theatre, a really nice one: The Movie, in AMS), as a lot of things I've lost (thank you damn Texan accent!) and some I've probably already forgot.

But having read about the movie and talked with friends about it, I fell that I want to line down the things that didn't worked so well, weren't so clear or simply... I didn't appreciated much. And also what, on the contrary, was working. All of that... by my own opinion, obviously!

So, from now on is SPOILER ALERT!!

1. We are at some point in the future, not too much... but where the hell all of the mobile phones have gone?
1.1 and what about Google Maps (or any other such service)? Do you really need paper maps to look for NASA? Really? It's '95 again?

2. Ok, we got it, there is a problem with dust. So, any other way of keeping it out of houses other than... having windows and doors that really shut things up?!?
2.1 Your kids are dying from this dust, no way of setting up masks so that when they are outside (since inside... doors and windows should shut the dust outside...) they don't inhale the dust?!?

3. Crops are dying... of what? Really? We have lost the ability to  create GMOs which could withstand whatever it is it's killing them???

4. We cannot protect ourselves and our children from dust, but building a huge space station that leave orbit from the ground... YEP! No problem! (Even before the resolution of the formulas by McConaughey's daughter).

5. No cell phones, no Google Maps, but a laptop with directional antenna to hack a flying drone... YES!

6. Space station with gravity thanks to centripetal acceleration due to station rotating on it's central axe. You dock 2 identical shuttle in the middle, and you dock them so that the floor is on the inner side?!? Why? Do you enjoy being shot out of your seat when unfastening your seat belt?!?

7. Ok, you are in a hurry, but at least scan the planet where you are to land for, let's say, 1 hour? Just to learn that it's covered in water or it's simply an ice desert?

Ok, that's it for now... waiting to watch this movie for a second time...

venerdì, novembre 14, 2014

Interstellar or... f**k it, Nolan... you got me! Science it's not credible enough, better study MAGIC!

I just got back from watching Interstellar.

No other way to put it. I LOVED it!

Let me be clear: there are bullshits around the whole movie and it's far from a perfect one. But I went out of the theatre and could just think: I just saw the new "2001 - A space Odissey".

Of course I can be wrong... or better... I am sure I am wrong. But I really enjoyed this movie. Again, with all the stupid problems it presents (why, tell me, oh! Why, they cannot build better ways to protect themselves from... dust?!?!? Or why they are still using petrol for cars? And Google Maps!?? Where Google Maps has gone, by God!!).

So, go out there in the wild and watch it! Is a wonderful way to spend 3 hours of your life!

Unless... unless you think that building a fucking Ark that fly through space (and, most importantly, leave the gravitational pit of Earth from the SURFACE) is less probable and believable then rupturing Space-Time continuum!

Yes... It's so strange for me to think about that as a huge problem in a movie as it is so difficult for some of my friends to try to believe it! It's magical! It's Harry Potter's style (thanks Ale... this is yours... hehehe)!

The comments from my friends help me understand that Physics have gone so far in studying our universe that people sees it as MAGIC. It has happened before, a lot of times, but I thought that we were now past the Witches' hunt at least since the XX century. But evidently the last developments of Physics are so far away from the normal understanding of nature that it's easier to believe, in a movie, that a guy got bitten by a radioactive spider and got superpowers than that time is not linear and mono-directional. Or that maybe there could be different Time dimensions (not to mention more-than-3-space-dimensions universes...).

Who knows who is right I don't know. But these are interesting times, and the movie is as good as a movie should be!

domenica, novembre 02, 2014

Two words on: buy a new mobile phone (Jolla)

It has happened.

After 3 years and some months, my wonderful, gorgeous, amazing Nokia N9 told me: "I am dying, I am slowly dying... forgive me!"

I will, I will forgive you, my sorrowful friend... but I will never forget you!

After years of buying a new phone every 12 months more or less (HTC Magic, HTC Wildfire, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10), the Nokia N9 was the first smart phone I really enjoyed, appreciated and kept with me for 3 years. With all of its defects (few apps, thanks to Microsoft and its slowly killing of Nokia and quite immediate extermination of Meego, slow processor compared to newer devices, and something more) and its more numerous merits (it's an amazing phone).

But now the time to abandon it and replacing it come quickly... one day it didn't turn up... and it was gone. I could still use its basics functions because I installed Sailfish OS on it almost 6 months ago, but it was clear that I should have reset the Meego installation from scrap... for me it was the signal: time to buy a new one.

So, which one? Some Android device, that's for sure, Apple ones didn't even enter the competition (openness, costs, openness, costs were the 4 reasons why they didn't... ah! And openness!), or Firefox OS ones? Or Tizen ones? Unfortunately phones with Firefox OS are low end, and I wanted a smart phone with good skills. And even more unluckily there are no Tizen phones around. So... which phone?

Well, well, well. The truth is that there were no story from the beginning, there were not even competition. The phone I would have bought was the Jolla.

There are phones with better specs, that's for sure, maybe better looking (I am not sure), maybe better built (I don't know). But there were no way I would have not bought it.

What's Jolla? Jolla is the company (and also the name of their first phone) that people that left Nokia after Microsoft bought it created from scratch (not that much from scratch, they were experienced people). They used the same OS as the one in my beloved N9, Meego, and developed it into the Sailfish OS.

So a good reason to buy a phone from them is that they are amazing people, they are a small company (always good to help small companies), they have a lot of experience (they come from the former leading company in phones: Nokia), the phone is amazing. It's not a good reason, it's a lot of good reasons.

The phone arrived last Thursday. I bought it with the leather flip and walnut case (let's call them like that) that you can see in the site and in the video. I simply love it. Sailfish OS is a good OS, it's based on Linux (like Android is), it's fast and reliable. The phone doesn't drain the battery like a lot of other phones do. I've used it for 2 whole days, internet and everything, and it was around 15% when I connected it. There are natives apps that are nice, but not a lot of them. But the nice thing is that a lot of Android apps can be installed and work as charm on the phone.

I could not make a photo of the phone because I have no other devices working, but I'll photograph it with my camera sooner or later. It's wonderful, have you understood this?