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Requiem for a wooden phone

I am ashamed. 
It has been the best phone I've had. The most beautiful and charismatic. The sturdier and chilliest. And is dead. And I did nothing. And there are no more available (and I don't want to search to e-bays and whatnot). The phone was the Jolla phone (affectionately called: THE WOODEN PHONE).
The OS was Sailfish OS.

The problem that died it: touch screen gone.

So long, Wooden Phone, so long.

Running life: distances

Home to Traffic Light: 680 metres (680)Traffic Light to Intersection: 1400 metres (720)Intersection to Stretching: 2200 metres (800)Stretching to Intersection: 3000 metres (800)Intersection to Traffic Light: 3720 metres (720)Traffic Light to Home: 4400 metres (680)Map

Day 1: running life (it will last 2 days tops)

So. What's up duuudes?
Yes... I am young and cheerful as an hot potato today. What's happened? Nothing, as some days before.
Let's start from the beginning: Monday, after a 2 weeks hiatus, we started playing football again. This time, instead of getting to the football pitch by bike/car/copter, I walked. Not too much, just 500 metres, and it had already happened that I walked, but this time was DIFFERENT (big suspense). I was carrying my sport bag as millions of times before, loosely hanging from my left shoulder because I'm cool, and it started rebounding on my back and side. Nothing new there either. But... the terror was behind the corner, horror was about to happen! Rebounding on my back this time, for the first time ever, it triggered the rebounding of the evidently new fat that was on my side: what it's commonly known as love handles. I had the clear feeling of layers and layers of fat gruesomely laying around and enjoying the ride. It was not the first time…