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Amsterdam, week 7 and 6 days and some hours

Here I am, already 2 months come and gone in a blink of an eye. It seems like yesterday that I was arriv... no, it is not true at all! It's 2 months, I feel it, days have come, passed slowly, and gone. Thoughts, fears, happiness and all of the human feelings have been provided plenty in these weeks. I enjoyed a lot of things, some others have been annoying and some times I have been bored to death. But, hey! That's life in every place of the world!
Today I made a new step in my living here in Amsterdam: I finally registered in the administration. That's a thing that took me 3 weeks to do in Spain, 11 months in France (but to some extent for my own fault) and 5 minutes here in Amsterdam. Well, technically 2 months, but I made an appointment on last Wednesday, I went this morning at 10 and at 10:05 I was already out and near to ask the secretary out too!
So, new steps... new job on the horizon, which will start with the new year, and in two months new apartment. Everything …

Pacific Rim

Yesterday evening I had nothing to do. Saturday night? Nothing to do on Saturday night?!? Well... let's clarify: I had nothing to do until 10:30, so I thought I would enjoy a movie.
I turn off the lights (it was already 7 pm or later, here in the Netherlands it's dark outside and I live in a suburbs neighbourhood so not so many lights outside either), turn up the volume and sat on my "couch".
The movie began and I was taken for 2 hours in a world in which giant monsters walks in the ocean to destroy us and giant robots fights them. They tried to fight them with conventional weapons but it was too difficult. Let's start from the beginning. I grew up not watching at Japanese animation series, I grew up not reading manga or other comics than Topolino (look for it, not Italian people, it's Mickey Mouse!) but always wanted to. I could enjoy only some, like Macross (Robotech), Captain Harlock, Mazinga, but never too continuously. Just some episodes now and then...…

Long due: Romeo & Juliet

I always loved DireStraits... and this song has been for so many years my favourite song. And I today discovered that still is. Just listen to the drums... and look at this video!

 And... if you don't think is simply amazing... here is a second version that I love too!

The use of Community in real life

Communities, Forums, FAQs... are a common thing in this internet era. If you are clever, any time you've got a problem with your pc or something related you just look on the web and you'll find somewhere a solution. Who hasn't googled something like: "... is not working!".

Somewhere, some place, there is the answer for you.

And then, in real life, we tend to forget it. We have got a problem that we cannot resolve and we are stuck. What we do? We check on the internet, again. Sometimes there is an answer, sometimes not.
Well... we forget that there is a real Community out there that can have the solution. Well, maybe not "we"... but "I" did forgot that there is a community out there. It's made by our family, our friends, the people that we know.

I had a problem with my registration here in Amsterdam, I needed a document that my landlord will not give me. And I needed it quite quick, or something else. But I asked a friend and neither him cou…

KDE and purging MySQL (why not to do it...)

So, more or less once every two years I simply decide that my life is not complicated enough and that it's time to mess with my laptop again. Once I formatted my "Home" partition (don't ask why... why do you want to know why?!?), once I decided that it was time to try some new graphic drivers (nice to have the OS boot to a black screen). Then I spend the next night/day fixing, reinstalling everything.
This time I was to install a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on my machine... but I forgot I already installed it. And I decided that I wanted MariaDB instead of MySQL, so I tried to install it, but failed, tried to understand why, failed again (Juventus match was on... I had NO time to read the messages!), so decided to purge MySQL, but forgot that... well... it's a database that KDE uses... sometimes... like... everywhere?!? (More or less)
I wrote "sudo apt-get purge mysql*" and hit Enter (yes... I did this... I really did this... I cannot believe myse…

What I am up to in my free time

"... prendo una pecora, le metto un cappuccio e..." (cit. by myself)
So, what I am doing in my free time? I am playing football a lot, and that's a great thing. Normally 5 vs 5, 6 vs 6 or 7 vs 7, indoor or outdoor. My knees aches, my back too, but generally I am feeling better. I play more or less 2/3 times a week and I hope in another month I'll reach my top...
Then, I am watching M.A.S.H., the series from the 70ies about a Hospital Unit in the Korean War. I loved Trapper, but I prefer Hunnicutt. But The best was Colonel Henry Blake and they shouldn't have made him [SPOILER, BIG SPOILER] ... ... ... die. Hawkeye is ok, but in the late seasons they decided that having adventures with all the nurses (married or not) was not a good thing and his character lost interest.
Then, Indiana Jones movies... I decided to watch them all again (the truth is that I would like to watch all the movies of Harrison Ford... a great actor). Yes, even the last one (ugh... I've s…

Amsterdam, week 7 + 2 days (maybe): against strong winds

So, here I am again.
Life is getting better. I am playing a lot of football and my body responds well. In the streets the lights of Christmas have arrived, and they look strangely really nice to me. Probably because they are not too much! And the view of the canals is simply amazing at night, with the calm water and the lights reflecting on them.
I've had a great experience (metaphysical, I would say) a few days ago. I had been the whole day at home and at 5 I decided to went outside for a ride. So I rode to Vondelpark, it was dark, everybody was biking around in the streets of the park, which are badly illuminated. It has been as riding straight into Laurelindórenan, if you know what I mean. There were the lights through the trees, the lights reflecting on the waters, and the cold all around, but biking was warming me up. Well... I tried to catch it on camera (I uploaded 2 videos on youtube) but... nothing... not the same (strange, eh?!?).
Then today is windy... really windy. I …