Amsterdam, week 7 and 6 days and some hours

Here I am, already 2 months come and gone in a blink of an eye. It seems like yesterday that I was arriv... no, it is not true at all! It's 2 months, I feel it, days have come, passed slowly, and gone. Thoughts, fears, happiness and all of the human feelings have been provided plenty in these weeks. I enjoyed a lot of things, some others have been annoying and some times I have been bored to death.
But, hey! That's life in every place of the world!

Today I made a new step in my living here in Amsterdam: I finally registered in the administration. That's a thing that took me 3 weeks to do in Spain, 11 months in France (but to some extent for my own fault) and 5 minutes here in Amsterdam. Well, technically 2 months, but I made an appointment on last Wednesday, I went this morning at 10 and at 10:05 I was already out and near to ask the secretary out too!

So, new steps... new job on the horizon, which will start with the new year, and in two months new apartment. Everything is fitting in its spot; slowly, but fitting.
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