What I am up to in my free time

"... prendo una pecora, le metto un cappuccio e..." (cit. by myself)

So, what I am doing in my free time?
I am playing football a lot, and that's a great thing. Normally 5 vs 5, 6 vs 6 or 7 vs 7, indoor or outdoor. My knees aches, my back too, but generally I am feeling better. I play more or less 2/3 times a week and I hope in another month I'll reach my top...

Then, I am watching M.A.S.H., the series from the 70ies about a Hospital Unit in the Korean War. I loved Trapper, but I prefer Hunnicutt. But The best was Colonel Henry Blake and they shouldn't have made him [SPOILER, BIG SPOILER]
die. Hawkeye is ok, but in the late seasons they decided that having adventures with all the nurses (married or not) was not a good thing and his character lost interest.

Then, Indiana Jones movies... I decided to watch them all again (the truth is that I would like to watch all the movies of Harrison Ford... a great actor). Yes, even the last one (ugh... I've seen it once... I don't want to remember it...). Indy is really funny.

I am playing Football Manager 2013 and Crusader Kings II (obviously: on LINUX!).
I am the manager of York, in Football League 2 and we are in a spot to participate in the play-offs on my 3rd year. The players love me, the management loves me, the media loves me. Around 10 matches missing before the end, but I don't know if we can hang until the end.
Then I am a Dutch family (in Crusader Kings, of course) based in Zeeland (obviously...), I managed to expand in Artois, Brugge, in Wales and in Cornwall by the 3rd descendant of my dynasty I finally managed to have a Duchy (in Wales), than another one (always there) and the 4th create the Kingdom of Wales. My aim is to become King of Frisia... but the Holy Roman Empire is in the way...

Then, on a technical side. I was thinking to switch from Kubuntu to Manjaro, but some problems with the upgrades in Manjaro (sometimes they get stuck... I have to check if it's because I don't upgrade frequently...) and the fact that I managed to tweak KDE to my needs get me postpone it. I showed a screenshot of my desktop in G+, now it's a light theme and not dark but it's more or less the same. And I my laptop speaks to me, now! Thanks to Jovie.

And also I am planning to install SailfishOS on my wonderful Nokia N9. But this has to wait a bit (I want to have a full noob proof guide before...)

That's it! (I am also thinking about Christmas presents... but this really scares me!)

Enjoy life!
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