The use of Community in real life

Communities, Forums, FAQs... are a common thing in this internet era. If you are clever, any time you've got a problem with your pc or something related you just look on the web and you'll find somewhere a solution. Who hasn't googled something like: "... is not working!".

Somewhere, some place, there is the answer for you.

And then, in real life, we tend to forget it. We have got a problem that we cannot resolve and we are stuck. What we do? We check on the internet, again. Sometimes there is an answer, sometimes not.
Well... we forget that there is a real Community out there that can have the solution. Well, maybe not "we"... but "I" did forgot that there is a community out there. It's made by our family, our friends, the people that we know.

I had a problem with my registration here in Amsterdam, I needed a document that my landlord will not give me. And I needed it quite quick, or something else. But I asked a friend and neither him could help me. Then yesterday evening I went to take a beer with a new friend, just met him few weeks ago. And talking about this and that, it occurred that I mentioned this problem. And he solved it in 5 minutes, telling me a thing that I didn't know and that is so easy that it seems unbelievable that I didn't think about it myself!

Well... this is our Community outside, in the real world. We forgot that as big, unusual, complicated a problem could be, there is an answer out there some place and we need help to find it. It is too difficult to solve every problem by ourselves, and sometimes we miss simple solutions just because we don't think that sharing it's a great thing.

So... use the Community in real life too!
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