Pacific Rim

Yesterday evening I had nothing to do. Saturday night? Nothing to do on Saturday night?!? Well... let's clarify: I had nothing to do until 10:30, so I thought I would enjoy a movie.

I turn off the lights (it was already 7 pm or later, here in the Netherlands it's dark outside and I live in a suburbs neighbourhood so not so many lights outside either), turn up the volume and sat on my "couch".

The movie began and I was taken for 2 hours in a world in which giant monsters walks in the ocean to destroy us and giant robots fights them. They tried to fight them with conventional weapons but it was too difficult.
Let's start from the beginning. I grew up not watching at Japanese animation series, I grew up not reading manga or other comics than Topolino (look for it, not Italian people, it's Mickey Mouse!) but always wanted to. I could enjoy only some, like Macross (Robotech), Captain Harlock, Mazinga, but never too continuously. Just some episodes now and then... it  take me some years to start really enjoying them.
Other than that, I enjoy credibility, I think that for everything there should be a reason that must be believable, even in fiction... mostly in fiction.
And the movie starts with a giant monster who must be fought with a giant robot with it's bare (!!) hands (and what hands! HUGE!!). And I liked it!! From the beginning to the end.
At one time there where a fight on the screen and a firework exploded outside (you know, young guys are the same in every place!). I jumped on my chair... rationalized and then smiled. I was enjoying this movie so much!
Of course there are some things that are not right... some things that could have been done better. But guys... and girls... this is a really good movie! If you want action... if you want technology, if you want a show on the screen that leaves you without breath: this is the movie you have to see!

Well... now it's time for Juventus match, but this afternoon is raining and... after the football match if nobody calls me, it's time for Pacific Rim again!
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