Amsterdam, week 7 + 2 days (maybe): against strong winds

So, here I am again.

Life is getting better. I am playing a lot of football and my body responds well. In the streets the lights of Christmas have arrived, and they look strangely really nice to me. Probably because they are not too much! And the view of the canals is simply amazing at night, with the calm water and the lights reflecting on them.

I've had a great experience (metaphysical, I would say) a few days ago. I had been the whole day at home and at 5 I decided to went outside for a ride. So I rode to Vondelpark, it was dark, everybody was biking around in the streets of the park, which are badly illuminated. It has been as riding straight into Laurelindórenan, if you know what I mean. There were the lights through the trees, the lights reflecting on the waters, and the cold all around, but biking was warming me up. Well... I tried to catch it on camera (I uploaded 2 videos on youtube) but... nothing... not the same (strange, eh?!?).

Then today is windy... really windy. I almost have been stopped by the wind biking downhill! It's though... but now the wind is almost gone, for the beer tonight it should be a simply freaking cold night!
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