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Louis CK and being an innovator

I don't know if you know who Louis C.K. is.I hope you do, because if you do your life is a better life.
Who is he? He is a comedian.
This is an easy label. And quite wrong, but helps to start understanding. He is a comedian, actor, director, producer, editor... and the list goes on. Ah, and father. And divorced. And ginger.
Don't know if this explains something more. It's a bit more precise, though, and detailed.
But even the above list leaves something out. One thing it leaves out is that he is a fucking genius, the second is that he is an innovator.
I discovered him by chance 2 years ago. I was watching a show of Robin Williams (sadness...) on youtube and in the videos on the right he appeared.
I discovered that he is incredibly funny, clever and has a unbelievable insight on human condition and psychology. Usually comedians got this, but he got it at an extreme high level. I looked for his shows and discovered that he was offering them, DRM free, on his website at a real…