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Two words on: Israel and Palestine (for kind people only)

I tried to avoid this, because this argument is so polarizing that everybody gets hurt (on the ground, sadly, and also in the discussion).
But it has been so long that the line has been crossed that I can't stay silent any more.
The real line, of course, has been crossed some years ago and a lot of times by a lot of different people, but what I want to think about is the "now", July 2014, and the line has been crossed when it has been decided to wage war. Shelling a populated area. That is the line. As far as today there are some 1000 deaths, 99% on the Palestine side and I believe 90% of them civilians. So: 900 "innocent" persons today are not living any more. Schools have been hit, hospitals have been hit, houses have been hit.
All of this makes me sad, really sad, because again and again we, as a Species, show that we are not far away from the Species around us, which solve their problems fighting.
I want to add my 2 cents on this argument. I'll try to …

Inches are all around us

Yes... they are there and those inches, summed up, will make the difference between losing and winning, between life and death.
Ok, I admit it, I watched Any Given Sunday and Al Pacino got the best out of me. And still I spend the most part of my every day missing the opportunities to catch those inches.
I know theory and I know how to apply it. Never do it, but I know everything.
That make me an idiot, and I am glad that it's been years that I know I am. Unfortunately I am not willing, yet, to change too much. It seems I enjoy going on being an idiot. I've got not much to say about it. I am... really am.
I will get better, probably, I will shave my beard one day and find a more clever version of myself below it. Time is quite running out, but I'll do.
So, what's the point of all of this? Tonight I'll cut my beard!