Two words on: Israel and Palestine (for kind people only)

I tried to avoid this, because this argument is so polarizing that everybody gets hurt (on the ground, sadly, and also in the discussion).

But it has been so long that the line has been crossed that I can't stay silent any more.

The real line, of course, has been crossed some years ago and a lot of times by a lot of different people, but what I want to think about is the "now", July 2014, and the line has been crossed when it has been decided to wage war. Shelling a populated area. That is the line. As far as today there are some 1000 deaths, 99% on the Palestine side and I believe 90% of them civilians. So: 900 "innocent" persons today are not living any more.
Schools have been hit, hospitals have been hit, houses have been hit.

All of this makes me sad, really sad, because again and again we, as a Species, show that we are not far away from the Species around us, which solve their problems fighting.

I want to add my 2 cents on this argument. I'll try to be, from now on, the more objective and accurate possible, so I'll use numbers (and numbers, I am sorry for somebody who doesn't think so, don't lie) and few opinions originated by emotions (most of these opinions I have been thinking since quite a long time, related also to other conflicts/problems). These are my opinions and there is a high probability I am simply wrong.


Gaza Strip Area: 360 km2 (139 sq mi)
Population: 1,816,379
Density: 5046/km2 (13,069.1/sq mi)

Israel death toll: 59 (56 soldiers, 3 civilians) [font: Israel]
Palestine death toll: 1.118 (180 soldiers, 827 civilians) [font: UN]


Those are the facts. In the past 3 weeks the Israel Defense Forces to kill 180 "terrorists" have killed almost 900 civilians. This is brutal. We can put into account friend fire, accidental deaths and whatever, but I feel it is too much of a cost for any reason. Any time a war action take place in a urban area it is a massacre, and here it is a massacre. Shelling, bombing, air strikes are happening on an area so small, with so many people living in it, that any attack would have caused a massacre, and there you have it.

This, in the Israeli Government words, it is an attack against Hamas. The attack, sadly, is hitting mainly the population. A civilized nation as Israel should end such a massacre on humanitarian behalf. There is really, for me, no question about it.

If Hamas is a Terrorist Cell, there is no use on shelling Gaza. Terrorist are not won hitting the population they allegedly fight for. If Israel wants to put an end on Hamas power in Palestine, let's start building schools, hospitals, infrastructure for the Palestinian in the Gaza Strip. In 5 years Hamas would be no more seen as the guardians of Palestine, but just another Terrorist Group by even the Palestinian.
If Hamas is not a Terrorist Cell, well... ok, they are the actual rulers of Gaza, so this is a war between 2 nations so that Israel will go on until the defeat of Hamas. In any case... please stop.

I know that these thoughts are naïve and stupid.

Last one.

In most of the western countries the capital punishment has been banned. Only the USA and Japan still have it in practice, Israel banished it for all the crimes except for Nazis convicted of crimes against humanity.
So, in the last century most of the "civilized" countries have decided that not even killing another person should lead the government to kill the perpetrator of such a crime. I cannot understand why we accept the death penalty that has been put above a so wide number of heads in Palestine.

Ok, that's it, I will not review what I've written (badly written, too), I apologize with all of the sensibilities that can feel to be offended, I meant no offence. I strongly believe that it is finally the moment for the Human Species to start solve its problems in a new way, away of conflicts and war.

I hope that somebody will understand that what I have written it's not against the Israel state, Israel rights to survive or whatever you might think I am against. I am against killing each other for whatever reason.
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