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Eire 2015: - 37 days

So, a month more or less is what is missing for the start of my trip to Ireland. Landing at Dublin, leaving from Cork 18 day later.
Some nights in Hotel/Hostel/Private apartment, some nights trekking and sleeping in a tent. And today... I bought the tent! And some other things like pots and sleeping bag and stuff (shirts, trousers, an inflatable mattress...).

 But something is missing... (please check below a close up).

You see that blank space? Do you see it?!? It's the sleeping bag. It's missing: I bought it, it's missing. The sucker decided to fall down from my bike while I was singing out loud a punk song, so I didn't noticed it. The bastard.
Sometime I miss it so much it hurts... (mainly because I'll have to buy it again...)
On a lighter note: I was thinking that maybe, but just maybe, I will rent a motorbike instead of a car... I know I will not do it... but just thinking about it make my smile grow bigger and bigger...

Two words on: Conspiracy theory against Linux?

It's that time of year again: the time in which I install a new distro on my laptop.

My nice, fine, kind System76 laptop. Ubuntu 14:10 has run its course and it's time to switch back to Manjaro (KDE edition). But I am missing a USB drive, so it's time to buy a new one (mine it's lost in Parma...). So I went out, biked funny Amsterdam, entered Mediaworld and bought a 8 GB disk (yes... I tried to find a 2 GB one, but I could not). Sandisk, as it is.

Biked back home, watched some video on Youtube, read some news (procrastinating, it is called) and finally time to download Manjaro 0.90, install Unetbootin and create the Start Up disk.


Now it's time to stick it in: reboot!

It doesn't run!! Meaning that a "Boot failure : No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!" error was showing. What the... !!! WHY?!? Faulty copy of the ISO? Nope. Wrong installation process from Unetbootin? Nope! Wrong pc?!? Nope.

It turns out that the Fat32 format of the disk…