Eire 2015: - 37 days

So, a month more or less is what is missing for the start of my trip to Ireland. Landing at Dublin, leaving from Cork 18 day later.

Some nights in Hotel/Hostel/Private apartment, some nights trekking and sleeping in a tent. And today... I bought the tent! And some other things like pots and sleeping bag and stuff (shirts, trousers, an inflatable mattress...).

 But something is missing... (please check below a close up).

You see that blank space? Do you see it?!? It's the sleeping bag. It's missing: I bought it, it's missing. The sucker decided to fall down from my bike while I was singing out loud a punk song, so I didn't noticed it. The bastard.

Sometime I miss it so much it hurts... (mainly because I'll have to buy it again...)

On a lighter note: I was thinking that maybe, but just maybe, I will rent a motorbike instead of a car... I know I will not do it... but just thinking about it make my smile grow bigger and bigger...


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