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Bulls - Heat: 1 - 0

Yesterday night I, as usual, has problems sleeping and so I watched almost all of the game between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. I missed 2/3 minutes in the second quarter and the beginning of the third, until around 6 minutes left (well, lets say half of the third).
I will say in advance that I'm a Lakers fan since my youth, but that I really started watching NBA only with Jordan and his last three years with the Bulls. And also that I think that LeBron James is an incredible player that everybody in the league management wants to succeed.
This said the night was simply incredible. The Bulls played a strong and gritty game, Noah was simply unbelievable with his heart and energy on both ends on the floor and that Butler is a HUGE player. I've read a lot today about this game: the Heat were rusty, they played flat and all of these kind of things. Maybe it is true, but I think that the truth was the Bulls simply played with more earth and brains. Bosh, Wade, LeBron, Bat…