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No, not the famous island in the Pacific Ocean that was the theatre of a pivotal battle during World War II.
Simply midway, from here to there. From now and then.
First week of holidays almost gone, spent in Singapore, eating, walking, walking, eating. The highlight of everything is been... well... FOOD. Singapore is a beautiful city, full of cultural mix-ups, skyscrapers next to colonial architecture. Tropical forest next to AC freezing malls. And food. Food... food. Want to eat chinese? You welcome. Fancy japanese? Not that difficult to find. Thai? Philippino's? Everywhere, food everywhere.
But I've been shy. I've eating "oriental" only at lunch and dinner; breakfast has been way too occidental. I have shamed myself. And eaten at Starbucks... at least too many times. But one day... when I had a continental breakfast in an australian bar.
Yes... well... I'll try to improve. In the meanwhile I've already "improved" my weight.

(Not) Running Life: week... whatever...

So, my running resolution for the old year has gone haywire, but I don't care, actually.
So, I started running, I managed for what... 2 or 3 weeks? And then life, pain, injuries... and the main fact that I HATE running, brought me to fall back to my usual "wishing running" routine.
I also at one point decided to rest completely, since my left ankle is hurting, my right knee is hurting, my back is hurting, my groin hurt (still undiagnosed... but pain pain pain).
Then, since these are my last playing years (or maybe... year??) I decided to come back. And so last week I played on Monday (lost) and Tuesday (surprisingly won!). And then a teammate from the Monday team asked me to play 11 a side on Saturday and I said: why not?
So, I played on Saturday, around 60 minutes. And today is Monday and we just finished playing and we won (YES!). And my legs hurt like hell. That is how it's gonna be from now on, I know. It's been like that more or less throughout my whole pla…

Running Life: sprained ankle, pain in the knee?

The "Running Life" project is not going on well. It's been 3 weeks of just Monday's and Tuesday's matches and nothing more. Well... last Sunday I "trained" with my Tuesday's team for 2 hours in the morning. "Training" means a 1 hour match 3 vs 3 and 1 hour of some shooting exercises.
That's been all. I've got good excuses for this... I've been sick on and off for last 3 weeks basically. So I'm not feeling that bad. But today I could... and I didn't. It's autumn, the bleak season... I was bleak.
And how the match have been going? Well. Good and bad. My legs have not been that bad. My performances have been quite good (actually on Tuesday's game I scored 8 goals in 3 matches, playing also more than 1 half in goal... so not bad). Yesterday has been the first time I had again pain in the lower legs. Next week I'll be in Italy for the whole week, and I have the idea (pale idea) to go to run once or twice. And ma…

Running life: match day #1, or playing sick

Well, in the last 2 weeks I've never run a single day. For different reasons... like... well... how to say it... I didn't want?
Anyway, today it was match day, and I was sick since last Thursday (fever, simple fever), but I was a bit better, so I decided to play anyway. Well... no strength, no power, no stamina... and not even brains...
It was a funny experience, though... the world was not spinning at the right speed, and sometimes was spinning too much... my mind was a bit wondering at times... 
We lost.

The strange life of Pi

First of all... the ones who understand the title of this post are spread over quite a nice part of Europe... and one is on a different plane of existence (if ever).
Then... life is strange.
When everything goes on on it's tracks, you are prepared to renovate everything in your life (exaggeration, right there...) and even start being blonde, some words on a monitor start becoming more and more important. And hearing a voice is nice and sweet.
And well... hearing that voice it's not easy, it's somewhere far far away. But hey, easy things? Naaa... too boring.
Who knows what's happening? And who cares? What can happen and what will happen are two different things, but both are exciting and there's no use in trying to worry about that. Yep... ZEN mode is on.

Running life: 11 a side football match

And so it happened. After having jogged on Wednesday, a colleague of mine asked me if on Saturday I would join on a match of his 11 a side football team. He would be injured, but would be there.
So I said yes, because: why not?
Probably it's a bit early, I have been jogging (I really can't say "training") for just 3 weeks... but he asked me on Friday, just before I was supposed to go running, and that was a big push on say "yes". I would have not gone running right away, but I would have anyway "jogged" on Saturday.
And Saturday it come. I went to the field, met the team, I was to sub, obviously, and had no problem on that... even better, should I say, because an 11 a side is a big pitch and it's 90 mins and I am old. So... I warm up a bit, exchanged passes with the guys and then stayed on the side watching the match for the first half.
The 2 teams were quite balanced, our opponents were playing with a big fat guy who couldn't run, but lu…

Up to the task ... ... (?)

Time is running out. ETA is nearing and getting pretty close: TOMORROW!

Renovations are gonna start. Everything is a surprise and I'm up to do none of the things I should do... at least until I will not start doing them!

Little calendar down here. Cross fingers and whatever else you could cross!

Day    Task    Time
16-Sep (Fri)    Organize and move stuff    3
17-Sep (Sat)    rent/buy needed tools    2
17-Sep (Sat)    Organize and move stuff    6
18-Sep (Sun)    remove wallpaper in Livingroom    7
18-Sep (Sun)    prepare stuff to move out    1
19-Sep (Mon)    remove all doors   
19-Sep (Mon)    close main water and gas (need to move out!!!)   
19-Sep (Mon)    remove floor in Bathroom    4
19-Sep (Mon)    check pipes layout    0.5
19-Sep (Mon)    remove floor in Kitchen    1
19-Sep (Mon)    remove floor in Corridor    1
19-Sep (Mon)    remove floor in Main Bedroom    1
19-Sep (Mon)    remove wallpaper in Livingroom    1
20-Sep (Tue)    insole in Corridor + Kitchen (+ Main Room?)    6
20-Sep (Tue…

That sour tast of... you know... defeat!





It took quite some years and some months and finally it landed: I've lost.

You know, one of those losses were you can't say: "well, but at least we played well", or "the refs were totally biased!". No... I had all of the opportunities to play well, to talk with the referee (even if, as usual, the referee wasn't interested... happens a lot to me...), to change the game... but I didn't play well. And for once... sadly, I didn't even played fairly. I know, I know... I always prided myself for my fairness. I wasn't fair. My own standards of fairness were not followed by myself. Shame on me. Deserved the defeat and shut the fuck up, because you are an idiot.
So... I lost. I lost and it hurts a lot and it will not go away. Not because never again I will win, or that nothing else matters, because that's not true. Things that matters are all around and sometimes are found in strange places. And maybe I found some jus…

Running life: match days nr. 2

End of second week of this new life of mine. Actually... how to say this... I run only once last week. And I noticed it. Yesterday's match was a slow start. My legs didn't want to start running. And I understand them. Last time I moved them was Wednesday, 5 days before. It wasn't a clever move. But by the halftime they got used to moving and I got better.
I didn't forced any run, but I also noticed (again) that my stamina was better than usual. So... run helped still.
Today second match of the week, and I already knew that I was feeling better from the moment I pick up the bike to ride to the pitch. And during the match it was confirmed. Runs and stamina. Loved it. So, tomorrow is running day, and hopefully also 1 between Friday and Saturday. I should try at least 2 times a week.
Let's see... let's see... I feel that a lot of young player will feel the burn of the old guy...

Running life: day 7

Wednesday come and I went to run. I almost didn't, then I got home, simply changed and went.
The good feeling continued. I had mainly pain in calves and shins... that, as we know by now, is the thing that worries me.
Anyway. I run, stopped just 3 times (2 at the traffic light, going and coming back, 1 for stretching).
It was way easier that the first 2 times, I even thought I managed to increase the time a lot. I wasn't right... basically the same exact time, maybe some minute by km less. But I was disappointed when I saw it.
And at the end, the usual nice relaxing feeling as shown in the picture below:

But... I feel better... the sad thing is that today I will not go. I am already sit down at my desk and giving no shits... sad me...

Running life: days 4 & 5, match days

Well... the week ended and it was time to play.

Obviously I can not yet know if something really changed thanks to the 3 days in which I run/biked.

What happened, anyway, was that I managed to run way better then usual. Both Monday and Tuesday.
My legs were not stiff from the onset (I have to say that I didn't warm up at all... still not the right moment to get back to that). My stamina was quite well, I didn't have to get sub because I was almost on the verge of death. I was tired at the end, but without any major pain (only the usual ones... I know those ones).

Today second match, and I was way better then usual. Again I am not sure if it's because I moved 3 days instead of sitting down as an asshole. I run, I dribbled, I missed opportunities (but I build them up myself... it was sometimes without something like that).

So, bottom line, tomorrow I was supposed to go to drink beers with my colleagues, but instead I'll come back home right away, go tu run and the go dri…

Day 4: running life (biking life edition)

As predicted yesterday (did I really predicted it? Don't remember... I said I'd maybe do it...) today it was bike day.
It took a lot of time and will to do it. I almost come to simply sat all day and f*ck it. Instead I woke up, ate some cereals (that's the less probable think of the whole day, by the way) and started off.
Ruigoord Route, 18 km, it's my choice. I took the south branch first, to pass through nice woods and the Amsterdamse Golf Club (yeah... because I long for golf...)... and arrived midway (next to Ruigoord village) I decided to go on a bit more. I added 4 km going and 4 back... then I got back by the same route (the south branch...) because I didn't want to ride in the less nice area.
So it was more or less 12/13 km going and the same coming back. 25 km is not much... but it was enough to spin the legs for some time and enjoy the ride.
How much did it take I really don't know. I left after 11:30, but I don't know what time. And come back ar…

Running life... not so much: missed Day 3

Sitting comfortably on a chair, watching Megam... ehm... STRING THEORY VIDEOS!!
I was saying: today I skipped running... I am sorry about myself. Am I? Well... no, I am not. Anyway. I had to stay at work a bit late, caught traffic, arrived later at home, had to do some chores, rode 500 metres (FIVE HUNDRED!!!) more than usual to get some bread (yes... I do eat sometimes).
Adding all of that to: inflamed left ankle, painful left and right knees at any bent and bad back... and well, let's add too the fact that I really really REALLY hate running and you got me avoiding running today. And I loved it!
Anyway... actually I cleaned my apartment (even if Hour X is in -14 days). I thought I'd also do some stretching... but none until now...
Tomorrow I'll hopefully do a tour with the bike... at least 20 km? Maybe a bit more, just to move but not overwork my poor old joints.
But since I feel sorry for all of you that believed in me: kitty!

Day 2: running life (from my calculations tomorrow I'll skip...)

So: day 2 is done!
Same route as yesterday, 1 stop less! Yeah... Basically same time (a bit less, but nothing conspicuous).
at 680 metres due to traffic lightat 1400 metres due to back painsat 2200 metres because I was halfway and it was time to stretchat 3720 due to traffic light What I've got: back pains until stretching. Time to stretch before starting, right?huuuge pain in lower legs, shins/triceps... this needs to go away Tomorrow? Who knows...
Pain is quite steady throughout my whole body, the really bad one is at the lower legs and that's the one that bothers me. Mainly because I don't know where it comes from. Then there is left ankle, left knee, right knee, lower back. And that's it... not bad, though.

Requiem for a wooden phone

I am ashamed. 
It has been the best phone I've had. The most beautiful and charismatic. The sturdier and chilliest. And is dead. And I did nothing. And there are no more available (and I don't want to search to e-bays and whatnot). The phone was the Jolla phone (affectionately called: THE WOODEN PHONE).
The OS was Sailfish OS.

The problem that died it: touch screen gone.

So long, Wooden Phone, so long.

Running life: distances

Home to Traffic Light: 680 metres (680)Traffic Light to Intersection: 1400 metres (720)Intersection to Stretching: 2200 metres (800)Stretching to Intersection: 3000 metres (800)Intersection to Traffic Light: 3720 metres (720)Traffic Light to Home: 4400 metres (680)Map

Day 1: running life (it will last 2 days tops)

So. What's up duuudes?
Yes... I am young and cheerful as an hot potato today. What's happened? Nothing, as some days before.
Let's start from the beginning: Monday, after a 2 weeks hiatus, we started playing football again. This time, instead of getting to the football pitch by bike/car/copter, I walked. Not too much, just 500 metres, and it had already happened that I walked, but this time was DIFFERENT (big suspense). I was carrying my sport bag as millions of times before, loosely hanging from my left shoulder because I'm cool, and it started rebounding on my back and side. Nothing new there either. But... the terror was behind the corner, horror was about to happen! Rebounding on my back this time, for the first time ever, it triggered the rebounding of the evidently new fat that was on my side: what it's commonly known as love handles. I had the clear feeling of layers and layers of fat gruesomely laying around and enjoying the ride. It was not the first time…

2016: holidays and stuff

After a busig beginning of the year, after hard work (and not so hard work), after difficult times, past the wooden strip of life (this first sentence doesn't mean a thing, it's simply a way to start off writing and put some gazoline in my writing tank), I've taken some holidays to spend in Italy. And, let's face it... my sister got married and that was a good reason too.
Italy lately, means Parma and the hill surrounding this sleepy city  at the south of Pianura Padana, home of the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.
I've been spending time here since I left Paris 4 years ago, and it's been a perfect spot to regenerate my physical and spiritual batteries. In the hills and mountains that begin rising from it's southern borders there are so many beautiful natural spots and interesting buildings that no stay here would be boring or repetitive. It's true, anyway, that I simply love to visit and visit again the same places, so this is not a problem a face.

Johnny Clegg and feeling better

It's been a tough 2/3 weeks. Shitty weather, shitty health, and worst news.
I cannot deny that's been hard. Simply walk around and enjoy normal stuff like friends and hail has not been easy, for example. And last week has been the worst. I spent it at home, constantly sick and sad.
To make it short, I've been listening to Johnny Clegg, I found one of my old CDs and the whole world today has changed. It's still quite gray, but light gray, not dark... it's a change.

Four seasons in a day

Amsterdam at it's best. Or better, the Netherlands and it's crazy weather. Last Saturday we had sun, clouds, hail, sun again, rain, sun again and again hail in one day. Well, technically in one afternoon.
It's been even worst on Sunday, when at one point there were snow too. It's been spring, summer, autumn and winter in the same day. In no specific order.
This is the weather in the Netherlands. Today, a week later, it's sunny. Not warm, but sunny and the spring is blossoming.
It's still winter in my mind.

Life, you fucking bastard!

Today a good friend died. She was a stubborn girl. She would not back away from a decision. She was stubborn and one of the good people on Earth. What I am now, where I've been, I own all of that mostly to her. She chose me to work in her team, with no clear good reason other than she understood I would be good in a thing I've never done. She was, evidently, right.
She would have help you with all of her hearth, she would have been bluntly straight and clear in her words. She was kind and gentle and sweet.
Those have bee so sad news that I'm still stunned. I've got the feeling that it's not right. She left her husband, kids, friends.
She deserved more. She deserved to get old and grumpy.
I was organizing a trip to visit her, because I learned she was sick and wanted to meet her again. But who cares? She should have lived longer and more happily.
Fuck it, Life.

Louis CK and being an innovator

I don't know if you know who Louis C.K. is.I hope you do, because if you do your life is a better life.
Who is he? He is a comedian.
This is an easy label. And quite wrong, but helps to start understanding. He is a comedian, actor, director, producer, editor... and the list goes on. Ah, and father. And divorced. And ginger.
Don't know if this explains something more. It's a bit more precise, though, and detailed.
But even the above list leaves something out. One thing it leaves out is that he is a fucking genius, the second is that he is an innovator.
I discovered him by chance 2 years ago. I was watching a show of Robin Williams (sadness...) on youtube and in the videos on the right he appeared.
I discovered that he is incredibly funny, clever and has a unbelievable insight on human condition and psychology. Usually comedians got this, but he got it at an extreme high level. I looked for his shows and discovered that he was offering them, DRM free, on his website at a real…

Cramps! Cramps! (annoying people, part 3)

It's been a while. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year and all those sort of things...
I'll talk about football, if you don't mind. We all know that's the most important part of my life at the moment: playing football. After the 3 weeks intermission during the holidays (as per above) this week 2 tournaments started again: the 7 a side (Mondays) and the 6 a side (Tuesdays). You would notice that there is a 0 days break between one tournament and the other; a thing I am so happy about that you would not believe me (and, please, don't believe it, because I am scared and worried about it).
So, Monday we played, 7 against 7, and we lost. We had no substitutes, they were slightly better, but we simply lost 4 - 2. Not bad. My ankles didn't enjoyed the match as much as they would have liked, mainly the left one, as the opponents enjoyed kicking it from the early start. I didn't play particularly well or particularly bad. Simply it was difficult to run after a previ…