Running life: match days nr. 2

End of second week of this new life of mine.
Actually... how to say this... I run only once last week. And I noticed it. Yesterday's match was a slow start. My legs didn't want to start running. And I understand them. Last time I moved them was Wednesday, 5 days before. It wasn't a clever move. But by the halftime they got used to moving and I got better.

I didn't forced any run, but I also noticed (again) that my stamina was better than usual. So... run helped still.

Today second match of the week, and I already knew that I was feeling better from the moment I pick up the bike to ride to the pitch. And during the match it was confirmed. Runs and stamina. Loved it. So, tomorrow is running day, and hopefully also 1 between Friday and Saturday. I should try at least 2 times a week.

Let's see... let's see... I feel that a lot of young player will feel the burn of the old guy...


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