Day 2: running life (from my calculations tomorrow I'll skip...)

So: day 2 is done!

Same route as yesterday, 1 stop less! Yeah...
Basically same time (a bit less, but nothing conspicuous).


  • at 680 metres due to traffic light
  • at 1400 metres due to back pains
  • at 2200 metres because I was halfway and it was time to stretch
  • at 3720 due to traffic light
What I've got:
  • back pains until stretching. Time to stretch before starting, right?
  • huuuge pain in lower legs, shins/triceps... this needs to go away
Tomorrow? Who knows...

Pain is quite steady throughout my whole body, the really bad one is at the lower legs and that's the one that bothers me. Mainly because I don't know where it comes from. Then there is left ankle, left knee, right knee, lower back. And that's it... not bad, though.

[archive photo, but describes pretty well the situation]

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