Up to the task ... ... (?)

Time is running out. ETA is nearing and getting pretty close: TOMORROW!

Renovations are gonna start. Everything is a surprise and I'm up to do none of the things I should do... at least until I will not start doing them!

Little calendar down here. Cross fingers and whatever else you could cross!

Day    Task    Time
16-Sep (Fri)    Organize and move stuff    3
17-Sep (Sat)    rent/buy needed tools    2
17-Sep (Sat)    Organize and move stuff    6
18-Sep (Sun)    remove wallpaper in Livingroom    7
18-Sep (Sun)    prepare stuff to move out    1
19-Sep (Mon)    remove all doors   
19-Sep (Mon)    close main water and gas (need to move out!!!)   
19-Sep (Mon)    remove floor in Bathroom    4
19-Sep (Mon)    check pipes layout    0.5
19-Sep (Mon)    remove floor in Kitchen    1
19-Sep (Mon)    remove floor in Corridor    1
19-Sep (Mon)    remove floor in Main Bedroom    1
19-Sep (Mon)    remove wallpaper in Livingroom    1
20-Sep (Tue)    insole in Corridor + Kitchen (+ Main Room?)    6
20-Sep (Tue)    lay down pipes between Bathroom / Kitchen    1
20-Sep (Tue)    remove floor in Livingroom    1
21-Sep (Wed)    new insole dries   
21-Sep (Wed)    lay down new pipes in Kitchen    4
21-Sep (Wed)    bring down Bathroom wall    4
22-Sep (Thu)    bring down Bathroom wall    6
22-Sep (Thu)    setup pipes for new kitchen in Bathroom    2
23-Sep (Fri)    lay down new floor in new bathroom    4
23-Sep (Fri)    set down new WC + sink + bathtub (or shower cabin) in new bathroom    4
24-Sep (Sat)    lay down new kitchen    8
25-Sep (Sun)    day to finish all above works    8
26-Sep (Mon)    day to finish all above works    8
27-Sep (Tue)    day to finish all above works    8
27-Sep (Tue)    re-open main water and gas (can move back with bed in the attic?)   
28-Sep (Wed)    lay down new floor in Corridor + Main bedroom    4
29-Sep (Thu)    lay down new floor in Living room + new kitchen    7
29-Sep (Thu)    new window sill in Livingroom    1
30-Sep (Fri)    paint Livingroom    2
30-Sep (Fri)    paint Main bedroom    2
30-Sep (Fri)    paint Corridor    2
30-Sep (Fri)    paint new bathroom    2
01-Oct (Sat)    2nd coat on all above    8
02-Oct (Sun)    move stuff back    8
03-Oct (Mon)    time to check all the above    8
04-Oct (Tue)    remove floor in Small bedroom    1
04-Oct (Tue)    remove wall cabin in Small bedroom    4
04-Oct (Tue)    paint Small bedroom    3
05-Oct (Wed)    setup new Livingroom   
05-Oct (Wed)    new bed + wardrobe in Main bedroom   
05-Oct (Wed)    new bed in Small bedroom   
05-Oct (Wed)    new couch in Livingroom   
05-Oct (Wed)    new wardrobe in Small bedroom   
06-Oct (Thu)    day to finish all above works    8
07-Oct (Fri)    day to finish all above works    8
08-Oct (Sat)    day to finish all above works    8
09-Oct (Sun)    day to finish all above works    8
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