Day 4: running life (biking life edition)

As predicted yesterday (did I really predicted it? Don't remember... I said I'd maybe do it...) today it was bike day.

It took a lot of time and will to do it. I almost come to simply sat all day and f*ck it. Instead I woke up, ate some cereals (that's the less probable think of the whole day, by the way) and started off.

Ruigoord Route, 18 km, it's my choice. I took the south branch first, to pass through nice woods and the Amsterdamse Golf Club (yeah... because I long for golf...)... and arrived midway (next to Ruigoord village) I decided to go on a bit more. I added 4 km going and 4 back... then I got back by the same route (the south branch...) because I didn't want to ride in the less nice area.

So it was more or less 12/13 km going and the same coming back. 25 km is not much... but it was enough to spin the legs for some time and enjoy the ride.

How much did it take I really don't know. I left after 11:30, but I don't know what time. And come back around 2 pm? I really don't know...

But my legs are well, I used them good, no pain, since the bike is much smoother the running. Let's see tomorrow, probably another bike ride, but who knows?
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