Running life... not so much: missed Day 3


Sitting comfortably on a chair, watching Megam... ehm... STRING THEORY VIDEOS!!

I was saying: today I skipped running... I am sorry about myself. Am I? Well... no, I am not. Anyway. I had to stay at work a bit late, caught traffic, arrived later at home, had to do some chores, rode 500 metres (FIVE HUNDRED!!!) more than usual to get some bread (yes... I do eat sometimes).

Adding all of that to: inflamed left ankle, painful left and right knees at any bent and bad back... and well, let's add too the fact that I really really REALLY hate running and you got me avoiding running today. And I loved it!

Anyway... actually I cleaned my apartment (even if Hour X is in -14 days). I thought I'd also do some stretching... but none until now...

Tomorrow I'll hopefully do a tour with the bike... at least 20 km? Maybe a bit more, just to move but not overwork my poor old joints.

But since I feel sorry for all of you that believed in me: kitty!


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