Running life: 11 a side football match

And so it happened. After having jogged on Wednesday, a colleague of mine asked me if on Saturday I would join on a match of his 11 a side football team. He would be injured, but would be there.

So I said yes, because: why not?

Probably it's a bit early, I have been jogging (I really can't say "training") for just 3 weeks... but he asked me on Friday, just before I was supposed to go running, and that was a big push on say "yes". I would have not gone running right away, but I would have anyway "jogged" on Saturday.

And Saturday it come. I went to the field, met the team, I was to sub, obviously, and had no problem on that... even better, should I say, because an 11 a side is a big pitch and it's 90 mins and I am old.
So... I warm up a bit, exchanged passes with the guys and then stayed on the side watching the match for the first half.

The 2 teams were quite balanced, our opponents were playing with a big fat guy who couldn't run, but luckily we had one of our own. Anyway, 0-0 after the first half (and a really bad accident...).

It is my turn, my colleague (well... let's say friend, come on!) told the team I would start playing, in the central midfield (he asked me and that's the place I said I am more comfortable)... and the team was not happy about that. I don't speak Dutch, but I think I understood that they didn't wanted, so they moved me to the side.

No problem for me, I know it's not the best place for me now, because I'm not as quick and fit as  it's needed there... but anyway. We started the match, we scored, I missed an opportunity (not used to the pitch) and I enjoyed it a lot. At one point they moved me to the middle... because they saw I good enough... hehehe... I was more than good enough. Anyway we lost, my right quadriceps hurt and I can't shoot with that leg, but I am more than happy about the outcome. Hopefully the leg will get better... and I will be able to play again. 11 a side is FOOTBALL!


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