Running life: days 4 & 5, match days

Well... the week ended and it was time to play.

Obviously I can not yet know if something really changed thanks to the 3 days in which I run/biked.

What happened, anyway, was that I managed to run way better then usual. Both Monday and Tuesday.
My legs were not stiff from the onset (I have to say that I didn't warm up at all... still not the right moment to get back to that). My stamina was quite well, I didn't have to get sub because I was almost on the verge of death. I was tired at the end, but without any major pain (only the usual ones... I know those ones).

Today second match, and I was way better then usual. Again I am not sure if it's because I moved 3 days instead of sitting down as an asshole. I run, I dribbled, I missed opportunities (but I build them up myself... it was sometimes without something like that).

So, bottom line, tomorrow I was supposed to go to drink beers with my colleagues, but instead I'll come back home right away, go tu run and the go drink beers with my friends... waaay better...
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