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Johnny Clegg and feeling better

It's been a tough 2/3 weeks. Shitty weather, shitty health, and worst news.
I cannot deny that's been hard. Simply walk around and enjoy normal stuff like friends and hail has not been easy, for example. And last week has been the worst. I spent it at home, constantly sick and sad.
To make it short, I've been listening to Johnny Clegg, I found one of my old CDs and the whole world today has changed. It's still quite gray, but light gray, not dark... it's a change.

Four seasons in a day

Amsterdam at it's best. Or better, the Netherlands and it's crazy weather. Last Saturday we had sun, clouds, hail, sun again, rain, sun again and again hail in one day. Well, technically in one afternoon.
It's been even worst on Sunday, when at one point there were snow too. It's been spring, summer, autumn and winter in the same day. In no specific order.
This is the weather in the Netherlands. Today, a week later, it's sunny. Not warm, but sunny and the spring is blossoming.
It's still winter in my mind.