(Not) Running Life: week... whatever...

So, my running resolution for the old year has gone haywire, but I don't care, actually.

So, I started running, I managed for what... 2 or 3 weeks? And then life, pain, injuries... and the main fact that I HATE running, brought me to fall back to my usual "wishing running" routine.

I also at one point decided to rest completely, since my left ankle is hurting, my right knee is hurting, my back is hurting, my groin hurt (still undiagnosed... but pain pain pain).

Then, since these are my last playing years (or maybe... year??) I decided to come back. And so last week I played on Monday (lost) and Tuesday (surprisingly won!). And then a teammate from the Monday team asked me to play 11 a side on Saturday and I said: why not?

So, I played on Saturday, around 60 minutes. And today is Monday and we just finished playing and we won (YES!). And my legs hurt like hell. That is how it's gonna be from now on, I know. It's been like that more or less throughout my whole playing career, but now it's really the main thing of any playing time I have: PAIN. PAIN PAIN PAIN, growing pain. Shins? Pain. Ankles? Pain. Knees? Pain. Groin? Pain. Back? Pain. Neck? Pain. So much pain that sometimes I stop moving during the match, because I have to summon the strength to overcome the pain.

That's playing time for me: PAIN. Why do I play? Because fun is still more than pain. But it's gonna be slowly fade away... (sadly the fun, not the pain). Probably that's why I am so sensitive and get angry and I scream a lot when someone wants to play "outside the rules" or I see someone being careless about hurting people. Because it takes away the fun, and gives more pain.

Don't give pain... play for fun!
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